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Kyle’s birthday was last week and mine falls in the first week of February. There’s also Valentine’s Day in February and numerous birthdays coming up in the next few months. Because of this, I wanted to start looking for cards to send. But, since I’m also cheap trying to be frugal, I wanted a way to make cards at home. Then I had the brilliant idea to get Squeaker involved… especially for Kyle, because well, why not make a homemade card for daddy? We ended up making three cards for his birthday this year, one that ended up being a joint project with T & J when they were here on the weekend.

Super simple handmade cards that you can make with your toddler

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Supplies needed:



Crayons (we used an egg shaped design that Squeaker could hold easily)

Do a Dot Markers

Microsoft Publisher (optional)

card making supplies

For the first card, I used Publisher to insert a recent picture of Squeaker and used the simple text, Happy Birthday. After printing that out on cardstock, Squeaker “decorated” the outside of the card using a blue crayon and the blue do a dot marker.

card 2

So, as you can see this was really super simple and easy, as most of the work was done by Publisher. Really, I wanted to see how she would do with the crayon and after demonstrating briefly, she picked it up with no problem at all. Coloring helps develop her fine motor skills which was another reason I wanted to have her decorate this card.

The second card was a bit more involved on my end, but Squeaker was still involved in almost every step.

card 1

For this one, I picked out a sharpie color, though a crayon or colored pencil might have worked just as easily… and then I wouldn’t have had to worry about the inside picture bleeding through the cover.

This one, I thought was super sweet and could also be used for a homemade Valentine’s Day card.

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9 years ago

Love these great ideas…thank you! I’m passing this on to 2 members of my family with little ones 🙂