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We’re doing another informal summer tot school with Squeaker this year. Last year’s attempt at Mommy Camp didn’t get too far. But that was also due to poor planning on my part. Lack of interest from Squeaker also contributed.

This year we’re taking daily walks (weather permitting), playing outside, having plenty of indoor picnics and tea parties, building with blocks… and just enjoying the moments. Along the way, if she learns something- great. But it’s not the focal point of summer for us.

Recently, I had the opportunity to participate in an A to Z of Animals series with some amazing kid bloggers. We’re up last with the focus on the letter Z and we chose the Zebra for our animal. Be sure to check out the great posts in this series, including Y for Yak!

We're exploring zebras and the letter z in this mini tot school unit.

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Squeaker absolutely loves animals and it’s so easy to sneak in some learning activities when we talk about them. I really do think that she had fun with this mini unit and I look forward to expanding on it in the future.

What We Did

For this mini unit, we talked about zebras! We watched a few short videos on YouTube about zebras, and then it was time to do our activities.

For this, I created a mini tot-pack (which you can download later in this post) and we also used one of our craft kits from Alex Toys (the POPS Craft just so happens to have a zebra) and our alphabet stamp set.


z is for zebra craft sticks

  • Outlined the same uppercase Z with q-tips:

z is for zebra with q tips

  • Colored in a zebra (Squeaker wasn’t crazy about the black and white, so she chose pink)

z is for zebra coloring

We also used our alphabet stamp set to stamp lowercase and uppercase ‘z’ on blank piece of paper.

What we’ll do next time:

When we have time to fully expand on this unit, we’ll talk about zebras more and about horses. We’ll do more crafts and activities as well because I think it’s really open for exploration. We could do things like zebra stripes, zebra masks, zebra cookies, and so much more that involves the letter z.

And as promised, here’s that mini pack for you!

z is for zebra tot pack preview

>>> Download Z is for Zebra Mini Pack <<<

What you get in the mini pack:

  • Coloring pages
  • Z is for Zebra tracing pages
  • Z tracing page
  • Counting cards

And be sure to be on the lookout for: the full Z is for Zebra pack, the full Animals A to Z megapack, and our expanded units on the letter Z and animals.

z is for zebra pin

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