Simple Scarf Sensory Play

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Squeaker has recently started getting into my clothes. More often than not, this involves taking them off of the shelves, looping one item (usually a t-shirt) around her neck/shoulder area and leaving the rest on the floor. Sometimes, she’ll try to put them on, though unless it’s something like a tank top, she won’t get very far. Then she discovered a scarf that I had recently been sent for another blogging post.

And all bets were off.

All I had to do was encourage her to explore and we had a morning filled with simple scarf sensory play.

Simple Scarf Sensory Play

I wasn’t sure why this caught her interest so much, but it really did hold her attention for quite some time. At first, it was limited to her just playing peek a boo and feeling the texture. Then, I decided to make use of her baby tunnel by draping it over one end and having her crawl through to me. She enjoyed this because she got to combine the peek a boo aspect with feeling the scarf on her skin.

playing with scarves 2

For the next part of her play, I tied either end of the scarf to two chairs. I wish I’d had some clothesline around to pin this up to instead so that way I could have kept the entirety of the scarf open for her. Still, she seemed to get the general idea and enjoyed walking through the scarf line.

playing with scarves 3

After awhile, however, Squeaker was just content to go back to playing with the scarf. It didn’t matter how I set it up, she just wanted to drape it around herself or play peek a boo with it. And honestly, I was perfectly happy to let her do that. Squeaker had a grand time playing with this scarf and I’m going to look around for more scarves to add to her playtime collection.

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