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One of the ways that we can start living a healthier lifestyle is by evaluating what we eat on a daily basis. You can do this easily by keeping a food journal. Also factoring into evaluating what we eat is by cooking at home. This can not only save you money but you can also eat healthier. But if you’re not sure as to where to start, here are 9 easy ways to start cooking healthierat home.

One way to eat healthy is by cooking healthy. Here are nine easy ways to start cooking healthier at home.

Kyle and I try to cook from scratch whenever possible and at the very least, we always try to cook at home. For one, it saves us from ordering take-out and more importantly, we know exactly what’s going into our food. Cooking is something that we very much enjoy doing together and I can’t wait until Squeaker is old enough to join in. We will start, of course, with the basic cooking tips and expand from there.

9 Easy Ways to Start Cooking Healthier

* Investing in some quality non-stick cookware.

When you use quality non-stick surfaces, you can greatly reduce or even eliminate the oil required for cooking. For example, with a good non-stick griddle, no oil is necessary when making pancakes. Not only is that healthier, but pancakes without the grease taste so much better.

* Do less frying and more baking, steaming, poaching and grilling.

Instead of fried chicken, coat and bake it instead. Instead of French fries, slice some potatoes; place them on a baking sheet and bake until golden.

* Choose leaner cuts of meat and trim fat before cooking.

If you’re cooking with chicken, consider removing the skin first. Because this can dry out the chicken, you can cook with the skin on, but remove it before serving. However, realize that cooking with the skin on increases the fat and cholesterol of your finished product.

* Go meatless at least once a week.

Not every meal needs to have meat. Try beans, tofu or just a nice meatless pasta. Very few meat-eating Americans are at risk of protein deficiency, so don’t worry about missing protein in a single meal.

* Eat fish at least once a week.

Fish is a high quality protein that is generally low in fat. Many fish are high in omega-3 fatty acids and are a good source of minerals, making them a healthy choice that promotes heart health.

* Reduce the refined ingredients you cook with.

Choose whole-wheat flour instead of all-purpose white flour. Choose fresh fruits and vegetables, instead of canned. Instead of refined sugars like white sugar and corn syrup, choose sweeteners like unrefined honey or maple syrup.

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* Cooking sprays are often touted as a healthy alternative to cooking with oils, but aerosol cans are probably not your healthiest choice. You can purchase spray pumps specifically for oil and use that instead.

* Instead of reaching for the butter or other unhealthy flavorings, experiment with herbs, spices and other flavors. Herbs and spices have vitamins, minerals and some even have antioxidants. Plus, they are fat-free and a healthy way to add a little something to your favorite foods.

* Reduce sodium by waiting to add salt after food is cooked, and only when it’s necessary. Avoid canned and other prepared ingredients in your food. Use fresh wherever possible.

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