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If you feel like you spend the majority of your time doing chores, you may have inadvertently made high-maintenance interior design decisions or chosen décor that requires time-consuming upkeep. By creating a low-maintenance living environment, however, you can spend more time doing the things you love and less time tidying up. To get started, take a look at these low-maintenance home hacks now:

Take Vacuuming Off Your List

If you’re still using a handheld or upright vacuum to keep your home clean, you can cut one chore off your to-do list by investing in a robot vac. Set it to automatic and it will clean your home of its own accord, or you can opt for a model with smart features if you want to control exactly where it goes. 

Get Rid of Carpets

Carpets can look great when they’re new, but they don’t stay in pristine condition for long. It’s easy for dust and debris to get caught in the pile, which means regular cleaning is necessary. Furthermore, spills can be time-consuming to clean up and may require specialized products. With so many hardwood floor options out there, it’s easy to find a stunning alternative to carpets. Easy to clean and utterly durable, hardwood flooring makes your home easy to maintain throughout the year.

Replace Gutters

Cleaning out guttering is an essential home maintenance task but it’s one that takes time and equipment. What’s more – climbing ladders increases the risks of falls, which means it’s one of the riskier property maintenance tasks to undertake. However, replacing plastic guttering with aluminum alternatives reduces the risk of damage and makes maintenance easier. Adding a cover to the guttering allows rain to enter but prevents leaves and debris from clogging up drains, for example.

Pexels – CCO Licence

Steer Clear of Stainless Steel

Many homeowners choose to incorporate stainless steel in their kitchens because it looks sublime when it’s first installed. While this is certainly true, trying to keep it in pristine condition is a never-ending task. If you’ve ever used stainless steel in your home, you’ll know how easily it smudges and shows fingerprints. Glossy white or matt black can be a stylish alternative to stainless steel, or you can inject a bit of color into your kitchen design by opting for a bold and vibrant shade. By choosing a material that’s easy to clean, you’ll cut down the amount of time you dedicate to chores each day.

Choose Composite Siding

If the exterior of your property features siding or wooden cladding, repainting it or sealing it is probably an annual task. If you dread the thought of undertaking such a big project every year, replace it with composite alternatives instead. Some composite designs look just like real timber, so you can maintain the current style while significantly reducing the amount of maintenance that’s required.

Create a Maintenance Schedule

Even a low-maintenance home requires a little upkeep, but you can make things simpler by creating your own schedule. This enables you to ensure everyone in your household is sharing the workload and helps you to keep the time spent on maintenance tasks to a minimum.

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