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A home can very easily look tired over time, especially when it’s battered on the outside from the weather and experiences heavy footfall from its household on the inside.


Updating a tired-looking home is something that can add value to the home and it can provide satisfaction for those living in it. After all, it’s much nicer to come home to a property that’s looking pristine and new, rather than it feeling dated and worn out.


Here are a few tips that can help to update a tired-looking home this year.

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Repaint any worn or scuffed walls


First and foremost, if there are any walls that need to be repainted, then this is a great way of tackling the worn and tired walls that may be all over the property. This is particularly the case when there are children in the home. The younger they are, the more they tend to be more heavy-handed with their activities.


As a result, it leads to many scuffs and bumps into walls that chip away at the paint and leaves some marks that are undesirable. With that in mind, consider doing a little refresh by repainting the walls the same color or choosing a brand new shade.

Replace any siding on the exterior of the home


Siding on the exterior parts of the home are there to help provide a seamless finish and appearance, as well as helping to keep the home protected from damage. 


However, siding isn’t indestructible and can therefore become damaged from adverse weather conditions. It’s therefore a good idea to replace any siding that has become damaged over time. Siding installation is fairly easy to do and the professionals who do it will often install it quickly and without fuss.

Update kitchen cabinets


Kitchen cabinets are a feature in the home that can be susceptible to damage and therefore need updating on occasion. This can be done in different ways. For example, homeowners may wish to sand down the cabinets, prime them and then paint them a new color. It could be something as simple as replacing the hardware on the cabinets. Both make a big difference!

Landscape the backyard


With the backyard, it’s one of those parts of the home that can be forgotten about. With that being said, it’s a good idea to look at landscaping the backyard if it’s needed. As this can be a big project, it’s worth doing this at a time when it’s dry and there can be a lot of time and effort allocated to it. Not only that but it can be costly but worthwhile.

Declutter and replace broken furniture


Decluttering is a practice that every home should be doing regularly in order to keep on top of the rubbish that collects on the property. Any broken furniture, be sure to fix it or replace it so that it’s not just lying around.


All these tips are bound to make a significant difference in how a home looks and feels once all the work has been done.


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