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This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Tom’s of Maine. All opinions are 100% mine.

We all know about Earth Day but why not celebrate Earth Month? Or, for that matter, take it all year round with a #LessWasteChallenge in partnership with Tom’s of Maine. We’re going to start doing this weekly and challenge ourselves to reduce our overall waste by 1 pound. Even though it may not seem like a lot, if everyone does their part; it goes a long way. I also want to talk about easy tips to reduce, reuse, and recycle that the whole family can do.

Americans dispose of more than 700 billion pounds of paper, glass, plastic, wood, food, metal, clothing, electronics and other refuse annually. The problem of managing mountains of waste may seem overwhelming, but experts note there are easy ways for consumers to make a difference every day.

7 Tips to Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle

* Keep it loose. Buy screwdrivers, nails and other hardware items in loose bins. At the grocery store, choose produce that is not in prepackaged containers.

* Bring your own bag. Reuse bags and containers. Keep a supply of bags on hand for future shopping trips, or take your own canvas tote bag to the grocery store.

* Choose to reuse. Reach for reusable products such as cloth napkins, sponges or dishcloths instead of paper towels. * Recharge and renew. Use rechargeable batteries and recycle old batteries to help reduce garbage and keep toxic metals out of the environment.

* Buy smart. Look for long-lasting, energy-saving appliances with the Energy Star label and electronic equipment with good warranties.

* Think thrifty. Donate clothing to charity organizations or sell the items in consignment shops, fairs, bazaars or tag sales.

* Get crafty. Reuse scrap paper and envelopes. Save and reuse ribbons, tissue paper, gift boxes and even wrapping paper. Save cardboard boxes, colored paper, egg cartons and other items for arts and crafts projects.

How to Make an Upcycled Flower Vase

I’m not the craftiest person ever but I like to pretend from time to time. So when we found out that there were new Tom’s of Maine body washes and soaps at our local Target, I just knew that I had to do something.

They even have a fragrance free version that’s exclusive to Target!

Along with the body wash, I also purchased craft glue and a napkin set from the Dollar Spot at Target (one of my favorite areas!). For the rest of our project, we visited a local craft store. Between myself and my teenager, we’re allergic to a lot of things.

For the first part of the project, I cut one of the napkins in half and then wrapped it around the bottle:

I used the craft glue to secure to the bottle and then in two of the rolled parts.

After that was complete, I used a piece of ribbon to tie around the bottle neck.

And then I put my flowers in there. Since I used one of the Lavender bottles, I decided to use lavender flowers.

Be sure to visit your local Target to take advantage of their Cartwheel offer! You can save on deoderant, body washes and soaps, and the new Kids Gel.

So why Tom’s of Maine?

  • All Tom’s of Maine® natural personal care and oral care products are made with no artificial colors, flavors, fragrances or preservatives, nor are they tested on animals
  • All Tom’s of Maine® packaging is recyclable through TerraCycle®
  • 10% of profits to human and environmental goodness
  • Together we can help to keep waste out of landfills and make the world a better place for future generations.

Visit Toms of Maine’s website for more information. What will you and your family do to take part in the #LessWasteChallenge

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