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Home decor is something we all feel very passionate about, in our own little ways. Some of us like bright and bold colors, whilst some of us prefer the pale and pastel side of life. Either way, we have some strong things to say about the ways our walls are painted! But if you’re someone who does enjoy the neutral colors and tones of life, now’s your chance to go all out with your interior decoration. 

After all, it can be quite hard to get these tones to work in harmony, and you can never be quite sure if you’re overdoing it. A minimalist or contemporary style in the home can be seen to prefer whites and sandy colors, and anyone could easily get sick of seeing wall to wall white wallpaper! 

But there are some great ways to make it work. So, without further ado, here are a few necessary steps to implementing a neutral tone in your home. 

A neutrally toned room can be filled with all kinds of objects and accents, so why not dedicate a weekend to redecorating? (Pexels Image – CC0 Licence)

Know the Favorite Colors

Of course, some neutral tones are going to be more popular than others. You’re going to find some shades that are barely touched, such as light or apple greens, and some that are all the rage. Something in a baby blue or a pebble brown might be hard to get a hold of as a result! 

But depending on your own personal tastes, you could go in for any kind of neutral tone – they suit all genders and personalities, and could make for a great color in any room in your house. Even the brightest or darkest of colors can have a neutral side to them, so if you like the look of black in a room, don’t count it out just yet. 

Let’s run through a couple of quick examples, just to get you thinking. Something like misty grey in the kitchen could help to promote a sense of calm and coziness, to make eating your evening meal a whole lot sweeter. And something like powder pink or a mocha brown would look amazing in a kid’s room; it’s easily dressed up with shelves and toys, and can be easily painted over if any mess gets on the walls! 

The Best Accents

Now comes the time for accenting and highlighting your new neutral tones. You want them to be the focus of the room, now that you’ve spent all that time repainting, and that means you’ll need a little more attention to detail. Even just painting your skirting board the same color as the wall can help to make the carpet pop; if you’ve got hardwood flooring, it’ll really stand out in complement against the calm and cool colors you have on the walls. 

You could two ways here: you could for something bright and light, or something dark and bold. That black we mentioned earlier? A glossy tone of it could be applied to a feature wall, if you’re trying to desperately accent an otherwise open and empty bedroom! 

Don’t Forget Your Windows

And of course, when you want to properly implement a neutral tone into your home, you’re going to need to focus on the biggest accent piece of all: your windows! They matter in your color scheme too, and there’s nothing like a dirty or discolored window frame to stick out of place and ruin your whole aesthetic. 

Get yourself a new pair of blinds or shutters, seeing as a clean pair of either will look wonderful against your new washed wall. They’ll also be able to filter the outside light in in just the right way, to make sure your rooms reflect beautifully, and never fill up with natural heat when they’re not supposed to. And seeing as companies like Western Sydney Shutters can be easily accessed online, you’ve got more than enough options on your plate to start your search right now! 

Ready to Implement Something Cool and Collected in Your Home? 

Interior decoration makes up a big part of how we see the world, and more importantly, how we perceive our own little world. After all, the more you like the four walls you’re standing in, the better you’re going to feel about life! So make sure your love of neutral colors really stands out in your own home; if you want white walls, go for it, or even speckle with baby blue! 

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