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The average time Americans use to clean up their homes is 23 hours and 36 minutes! The question about whether it’s too much or too little depends on the individual or the household. However, what if you could maintain the same level of cleanliness in half the time? Without a doubt, that will be a welcoming idea for many Americans. If this is something you’ve wanted to know more about, see the points discussed below.

  • Pick things up as you walk along

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As you walk around the home, you will likely find things that aren’t where they are supposed to be. Moreover, this happens very often when you live with kids. Waiting for cleaning day to arrive before you tackle the clutter can prolong your chores. This is why it is an excellent idea to always keep an eye out for those items that look out of place. Perhaps, you can dedicate every evening to picking up toys left in corners and under furniture.

If you have older children living with you, it wouldn’t be wrong to task them with this daily chore. Better yet, please keep an open basket in a place where your younger kids can put all their toys when they’re done with them. Over a period, when this becomes a habit, it drastically cuts down the extra time it would have taken to carry out general cleaning at home.

  • Employ technology-powered cleaning tools

As the world advances, developers devise ways to make life easier, comfortable, and convenient for people. Even in cleaning and maintenance, the robotics industry has ventured into the domain. The magnetic window cleaner is one such example you may find helpful in your mission to speed-clean. Just ensure that your glass window is the type that allows this cleaning robot to do its job without scratching surfaces.

  • Invest in a cordless vacuum cleaner or one with an extra-long cord

If you’ve ever used a vacuum cleaner with an insufficient cord length, you probably know the inconvenience that comes with it. In areas of the room where the cable cannot reach, you have to unplug and replug in a socket closer to where you intend to clean. However, with a 50-foot extension, you get to plug in just once and vacuum everywhere within the radius. Alternatively, you can invest in a cordless vacuum cleaner which cuts out the possibility of dealing with cord tangles. The efficient time management any of these options offer allows you to speed-clean your home.

  • Multitask chores that can be performed simultaneously

This might seem like an impossible task, but it will become a walk in the park once you understand what to do and how to arrange the chores in order. For example, while you have dirty dishes steeped in warm soapy water in the sink, take that opportunity to give the kitchen a quick wipe down.

An alternative is to attend to tidying up bedrooms while the dirty laundry is in the washing machine. The objective for this is to maximize the number of chores you can perform in the very little time you have to spare. This speed-clean strategy works when you think through the tasks to be completed in advance. It also helps to put all your cleaning tools in one place. A portable caddy or cleaning tote holding all your stuff will contribute to speeding up your tasks.

  • The squeegee can be of use in the shower

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Instead of waiting every weekend or twice a month to clean the bathroom, think about how the squeegee can be helpful to you. This trick requires daily dedication, and unless you’re willing to do it, it may not be the ideal choice for you. The squeegee is a smooth rubber blade that does an excellent job clearing water and soap suds from surfaces. Usually, the area to be cleaned must be flat. Once you commit to doing this after every shower use, you may not have to spend more time or energy scrubbing the walls and shower floors.

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