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What does your morning look like? Is it chaotic or calm? Predictable or touch & go?

Does it change daily or is it steady?

A morning routine can be a lifesaver for busy moms. But it’s not always easy to come about. Because, let’s face it, we’re not just managing our own morning routine but your child’s morning routine as well. Fortunately, my autistic teen’s morning routine is like clockwork.

My younger daughter, not so much. But we’re going to work on that.

And it’s not just moms who work at home that can benefit from a morning routine. I fully believe any mom could benefit from it. So that’s why we’re going to talk about how to create a morning routine that works. It’s all about effectively learning how to manage your time as a stay at home mom.

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Little Debbie®. As always, all opinions are my own.

Why You Need a Morning Routine

Many of the most successful and influential leaders in history describe themselves as having a morning routine and/or an evening routine. Those names include Barack Obama, Winston Churchill, Steve Jobs and many others.

Having a morning and evening routine like this is a great idea because it makes it a lot easier to start the day on the right foot. If you find yourself often waking up late, procrastinating by hitting snooze and then rushing out of the door with one sock on, you’ll know just how destructive this can be to your productivity later on.

Likewise, the morning is a block of time that will almost always be free from interruption, which means that you can fill it with useful tasks and activities. That way, even if the rest of your day is a bust you can rest assured that you accomplished at least those few positive things.

Three Elements to Include in a Morning Routine

Eating a healthy breakfast is crucial to start your day off well. Keep a consistent menu and you can automate your morning process and ensure that you have fueled yourself with complex carbs and all the nutrients that you need to function at your best.

If you have difficulty with making a full breakfast, at least make sure that you’re snacking on something.

How to Create a Morning Routine When You Aren’t a Morning Person

I have never been a voluntary morning person. You know, one of those people who are just ready to start the day.

Not me.

I am, however, a morning person because I need to be. My kids need their day started, we need coffee in the morning, here-go, I fit the bill.

By the time I actually get around to eating something though, it’s closer to noon. So, instead, I try to keep little things around that I can eat in a hurry while also packing my oldest daughter’s lunch.

Some days it may even give me just enough fuel to sneak in a quick workout. Squats are such an effective but quick workout that gets the whole lower body involved. Add in a knee lift, and you’re also working the core.

Benefits of Adding Exercise to Your Morning Routine

And believe me, I was one of those who would scoff at the very idea of working out in the morning. But it can be so beneficial!

If you can exercise at the start of the day, then you’ll begin your day with more energy and enthusiasm and you can ensure that you’ll have burned at least a few calories before you begin. Even if you just do a few press ups and pull ups, this can make a big difference!

If exercise isn’t your thing, try meditating or prayer.

Or, you can do a gratitude journal. One of the best things about a gratitude journal in the morning is that you have to think quick.  Try to come up with something new, five things at least, every day. You’d really be surprised at how difficult it can be to come up with this list in the morning!

Even creating some inkling of a morning routine can go a long way in terms of how your day will shape up. Granted, it may not turn out how you anticipate but at least you rocked your morning routine.

Tell me about your morning. I’m serious, leave me a comment and tell me about your morning.

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