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If you are one of those people who absolutely adore being surrounded by fine antique furniture, making those purchases are exciting times, and with many financial commitments, putting something aside for your hobby can be challenging. Here’s a few tried and tested ways to fill that piggy bank in record time.

  • Stash your Change – There should be a large bottle or jar in the corner of your hallway, and as soon as you come home, all pocket change goes into the bottle, without exceptions. Pick a day of the week to be counting day, and if your partner does the same thing, you will quickly amass enough to make an acquisition.
  • Target an Antique Item – Rather than waiting until you have a few hundred pounds, select your next acquisition, and with affordable antique furniture dealers online, you can browse at your leisure until something takes your fancy. Once you have a figure, you will find you have increased motivation to reach your goal, and you will look for ways to cut down on your expenses, while also taking on some extra work. It might be that gorgeous pair of Windsor Chairs, or perhaps a mahogany desk, and making your desktop image from the item you want, you will always have the piece on your mind.

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  • List All Outgoings – It is only by doing this that we realise exactly where our hard-earned cash is going, and once you have the complete list, put a red mark against all essential items, then take a look at the remainder. You could cut out some of your leisure activities and spend the time searching for antique furniture online, which kills two birds with one stone. There are a few tips on how to save money, which might help.
  • Be Patient – If you forge an alliance with a reputable online antique dealer, you will get to view many items, and if you see something that almost fits the bill, better to wait until you spot the perfect piece. Buy astutely and you’ll never pay more than you should, and think of your furniture as a form of investment, which is most certainly is.

Image Source: Pixabay

  • Do your Own Research – The best way to become knowledgeable with fine antiques is to do some online research. The Internet is full of websites that are dedicated to improving your knowledge, and the more you learn, the more astute your acquisitions will be. Attend fairs and browse boot sales and second hand shops, as there are, no doubt, some real finds to be had, and with your loupe at hand, you can get as much practical experience in identifying items as you wish.

We are lucky to be living in the digital age, and for someone who is looking to buy antique furniture, hook up with an established online dealer will really help you to source items. An online search will help you find a top UK antique dealer and with their expertise, your collection will gradually grow.

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