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After investing so much into renovating your dream house, there is another thing to worry about ahead of moving in; security. One primary concern of every homeowner is the safety of their family and property. Even in places often described as the safest communities, there are occasional cases of break-ins and burglaries. According to the FBI, there is a burglary every 25.7 seconds in the US. This amounts to an astonishing 3,300 burglaries in a single day. To avoid falling victim, consider these four tips to safeguard your property. 

  • Install an alarm

One common way of securing your house against break-ins and burglary is installing a home alarm system. There are several home security systems you can install yourself, but it is recommended that you seek professional assistance, as there can’t be any form of compromise. Alarm systems are not particularly expensive as there are available ones to suit every budget. As and when they are installed, ensure to put up security system signs on all visible parts of your home. It serves as a scare-crow for thieves who may attempt a break-in. 

  • Change the locks

Immediately after moving in, consider changing all the door locks in your home, especially the ones leading outside. More often, you have various people like friends, cleaners, and neighbors taking custody of the house, and you might not be aware of who has extra keys to your home. Several types of door locks are recommended by locksmiths, including the Mul T Lock deadbolt, which has proven difficult to break. Safeguarding your family and properties shouldn’t be left to chance. If they’ll break-in, make it feel it work. 

  • Eliminate hiding places

Overgrown hedges, shrubs, and thorny bushes provide a hideout for potential thieves aiming to break into your home. An unkempt landscape could indicate that there is probably no one around the property, which makes it susceptible to thieves’ attacks. The sound of moving or approaching footsteps in the house and they will take cover in such places.

The bushy landscape also makes it difficult for your neighbors to spot strangers around the property. Having trees close to windows is also not recommended. If possible, remove and replace them with short flowers, and have your hedges pruned regularly, as this makes it easier to notice any suspicious characters lurking around the neighborhood. 

  • Light up the landscape

While taking care of the thorny bushes and hedges, you can kick it up a notch by installing lights around the house. Intruders are known to avoid visible areas that are likely to expose them. Therefore, it would be best if you fixed lights around doorways, front, and back yards. If possible, install a motion detector lighting system around the house for that extra sense of security for your family. 

There are many other securities measures worth considering. So before moving to the new neighborhood or city, be sure to research the dwelling profile concerning crime and burglaries. This information will get you prepared ahead of the relocation to your new home.  

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