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The home office is a room that is designed with a specific intent and purpose: to facilitate your ability to get your work done at home in a productive and stress-free way. However, that can be difficult if there are distractions hanging over your shoulder or just out of the corner of your eye. If you find yourself finding it difficult to focus on your work, these distractions might be at the root of it all.

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The importance of a tidy desk

One of the biggest factors related to distraction in the workplace is clutter. If we see a mess just outside the corner of our eye, then it can be pretty hard to avoid looking at it and thinking about it. Until we take the time to tidy it, we are going to consistently be bothered by its presence. As such, look at the tips on how to declutter your workspace. Make sure that you only keep visible the resources that you need and better organize your desk to make it less messy.

Where’s that noise coming from?

If you work in a home with other people around, then having some noise filtering in from the outside can be next to avoidable. You can encourage and ask those you live with to respect your working hours and try to not make too much noise. However, if that isn’t enough and you find it hard to concentrate with even a little noise outside, then you can look at how to soundproof your home office. Acoustic tiles for the wall, sealing the gaps around the door, and even playing your own work playlist can all help you focus down.

A little too much light

The way that we use light in our work environment is important. It’s a good idea to have it set up so that you have a light to contrast the light of the screen, as this can help avoid eyestrain. However, too much natural light streaming in through the windows can be a worry too. Consider looking at how to measure for cellular shades that can more effectively filter out light. Otherwise, you can find that too bright a room can end up straining your eyes and even causing headaches.

Mind your internet use

Not all sources of distraction are external. Sometimes we can really be our own worst enemy. This is most clearly the case when it comes to our habits with using the internet. Do you find a big portion of your workday disappearing down the social media minefield or by spending time on some of your favorite sites? If you simply can’t muster the self-control to avoid temptation, then you might want to use site-blocking tools to help you regulate when you can and can’t visit certain websites, allowing you to better focus on your work.

Perhaps there are other distractions that haven’t been mentioned here. Whatever they might be, it’s important to take a stand against them. Otherwise, your work life will become increasingly fragmented and stressful.

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