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We all want our household bills to be as low as possible, and one of the main ones that you need to be aware of is your energy bill – your electricity and gas, and any other energy source you might use in your home. But when the bill suddenly skyrockets and you are not exactly sure why, where should you look and what should you do? In this post, we are going to discuss some of the common reasons why you might have a high energy bill. All of these are worth checking out if you are unsure as to the reason.

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Air Conditioning

Not a great deal of homes have air conditioning, but if you live in a hot climate then you probably do. While these units can provide a wonderful sense of comfort in the summer, they are also potential electricity drainers. If you have one and your electricity bill is getting too high, you might want to look into whether you are overusing your air conditioning – or whether it is somehow faulty. Likewise, you could always replace it with a newer, more efficient model if it is particularly out of date.

Water Heater

Without a good water heater system, you would obviously not be able to have enough hot water – and that would mean that taking showers and washing the dishes becomes impossible. But you need to check that your water heater is working properly, as if you have a broken water heater that can be a real problem for your energy usage. A water heater accounts for around 30% of your household bill, on average, and this will be even higher if it is faulty and not operating properly, so make sure to get it checked regularly – and fixed if there is something wrong with it.

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Windows & Doors

If you have any older windows or doors in your home, you will find that these are also a potential source of heat loss, and therefore of a higher energy bill. If your bill is mysteriously high, take a look around at different windows and doors in your home and see if any of them are drafty or, even worse, cracked and busted open. If they are, repair or replace, and ensure that you get them replaced with the best, most sturdiest ones you can afford. It will mean you don’t have to have them done again too soon.

Expensive Tariff

Finally, it is always worth checking whether you are simply on an expensive tariff, as can often be the case. Sometimes energy companies can switch you over without you knowing – perhaps they sent an email that you didn’t see, for instance. It’s always good to know exactly what you are paying and at what rate – and remember that you are always free to shop around for different energy providers if you need to.

These are some of the most common causes of a high energy bill, and they are each worth looking into if yours is too high.

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