Freebie Friday: My Homeschool Day

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What I’m offering today for Freebie Friday is: My Homeschool Day – a printable, visual schedule. This printable pack is meant to complement My Daily Schedule but can also be used as a standalone. This was designed with individuals with autism in mind but can be used for pre-readers and/or adapted for a daycare setting as well. As with all of my free printables for autistic children, if you have any questions on how to use this; please do not hesitate to contact me.

Meant to complement My Daily Schedule, My Homeschool schedule was designed for children with autism in mind.

What’s In The Pack:

* schedule cards (with and without text)

* schedule chart (starting at 8 and going until 4)

Preview page:

my homeschool schedule preview 1

How To Use This Pack:

* You can use this pack with the Daily Schedule to create a complete visual schedule. Or, you can use this on it’s own to help an individual with autism navigate their homeschool day. Other suggestions for use: adapt it to a day care or public school setting.

>>>> My Homeschool Schedule <<<<

By downloading this pack, you are agreeing to my terms of use- whether you have read them or not. Get more of my schedule printables in my free Visual Schedule toolkit.

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This pack was actually inspired by my aspirations to homeschool my autistic daughter. While we have developed an afterschool program for her; homeschooling was considered after her diagnosis. It would have been convenient in terms of having her therapists coming to the home and that we could definitely create a predictable routine for her.

However, that never came to fruition.

After she aged out of the Early Intervention program, she started attending preschool. While she may not have been 100% ready to attend preschool at first, ultimately it was the best decision for her. The facilities there are far better equipped and she has the support she needs. We do afterschooling with her during the regular school year only as a way to reinforce any academic skills that she’s working on in her IEP.

It is definitely possible to homeschool your autistic child, we just made the decision not to pursue it.

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A Larkin
A Larkin
6 years ago

This is perfect. Thank you!