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Though it’s an important concept to work on throughout the year, during this time of the year, it’s a great time to start teaching kids to give back. Or, if you’d rather, you can call it paying it forward. Whatever the case may be, it’s the time of year that I think is ideal to teach this all important lesson. Along with teaching kids gratitude, empathy, respect, and manners; teaching kids to give back is one of my top and foremost priorities. I feel that it truly does go a long way in life when they learn to give back. But how can we go about that? There are numerous ways to do so! Even something so simple as saving loose change or donating a meal is a small way to give back.

Giving back is an important concept to teach throughout the year. This time of the year, however, is an especially easy time to teach kids how to give back. #GiveHappiness AD

With Squeaker in the impressionable toddler stage, she learns a lot by watching others. Sometimes she’s learning things that I’d rather she not, but fortunately this is mostly easy to correct. On the flip side, she also learns things that are useful, helpful, and traits that I hope she will keep throughout her life.

Things like giving loose change to the homeless, or donating to the food drive at church.

I can also get her older brothers in on this by asking them how they give back.

Recently we were attending a birthday party for a family member and I saw this as the perfect opportunity to bring up the topic. First, however, we made a quick stop at one of our local Walmart’s to pick up something for dinner. Since we had been out most of the day at the party, the adults didn’t really feel like cooking. Luckily for us, there were plenty of ready to go options.

give happiness walmart deli

We could all agree on the main dish, and the kids picked out a side dish of their own. Did you know that by purchasing a meal at the Walmart Deli, along with your favorite Coca Cola product; you can give back? Every meal purchased in November and December will give back to the Salvation Army on behalf of Walmart and Coca Cola by providing a meal to a hungry family.

Want to participate? It’s easy! Just share a picture of your family enjoying a meal with Coca Cola and a prepared meal from the Walmart Deli and use the hashtag #GiveHappiness – that’s it! By doing so, you’ll be taking part and giving back to a family in need.

give happiness enjoying a meal

After dinner was over, I used that as my window of opportunity to talk to them about how they can give back this year.

First, I brought out my “Ways I can Give Back” printable list, which gives them plenty of space to write down a few ways they can give back. I suggested a starting spot of 10, but hey- even if it’s only 5, it’s still good to get those giving juices going.

Once we decided on a few options, our group pick was to give money to the homeless. We already collect loose change in several locations and various containers, so I figured we might as well have a central area to do that.

I put together a few quick printable label tags and then we were ready to get them together:

giving back labels step by step

To make your own jar, you’ll need:

  • scissors
  • glue
  • a mason jar (or other empty container)
  • printable label (The “For the Homeless” tag is in this set)

To assemble:

  • As a family, decide what you’ll do
  • Cut out your label (see more options below)
  • Put glue on the back of the label
  • Put the label on the mason jar (you may need to hold it for a minute or two)
  • Start collecting change

I also have another set of labels and two sets of blank labels if you’d rather add your own text. Adding the text is super simple, too! Open up the image in PicMonkey (or something similar) and just add the text of your choice.

pritnable labels for mason jars

Label Set 1 (with text) || Label Set 2 (with text)

Label Set 1 (no text) || Label Set 2 (no text)

Will you join Walmart and Coca Cola and #GiveHappiness this year?

Will you join Walmart and @CocaCola and #Give Happiness this year? They're making it easy to teach your kids to give back AD
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