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Christmas Wish List

I’m fully aware that it’s only September and that I’m already talking about Christmas. Still, maybe it’s too soon… Hmm, I think that’s debatable. But, I wanted to at least start offering a few Christmas related things while I have the chance to really make them (and then tweak them later). First up this year are printable Christmas wish lists, all in .jpg format because when I tried to convert to a pdf, it just wasn’t going well. I’ll have .pdf ones in a later post, probably later next month or at the beginning of November.

I remember writing out my list to Santa, every year. I never mailed it, never brought it to the mall, but I always wrote one out. For me, it’s a fond Christmas memory and one that I hope to continue with my youngest. Sweet B never really got into the holidays, though she’s had her picture taken with Santa in the past. I’m not sure if Squeaker will have her picture taken with Santa this year or if we’ll have pictures done separately with a Christmas theme. She has a teddy bear that she received as a gift that would be perfect for a photo shoot, so I’m more inclined to go that route instead of having her see Santa.

Another way thing that we’ll be doing this year to celebrate the Christmas season, is welcoming Melk the Christmas Monkey into our home. I never really got into Elf on the Shelf but I am super excited to start introducing Melk and the lessons that he has. I’ll have a review for this as well, starting next month.

Do your children still hand write their Christmas lists? Did you do this as a child?

The printable list is available in three styles: plain (as pictured above), with two Christmas bugs, and with a snowman. I got my graphics from Karen at Simply Creative Living.

To download, click on the file name and it will take you to Google Drive. If you have any problems with the download, let me know and I’ll upload it elsewhere.

Plain || With Christmas Bugs || With Snowman

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Amanda @ The Oilfield Mom Survival Guide
9 years ago

Love this printable, Kori! Glad I’m not the only one who has started with the Christmas preparations! I am way too excited! Lol