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Are you looking to help your child learn about the four seasons? Or maybe you’d like to talk about Vivaldi’s Four Seasons! Either way, or for whatever other use that you may have, for this week’s Freebie Friday, I’m sharing a four seasons printable pack. This is also my very first pack with both English and Spanish. I hope to have more packs like this in the future as learning Spanish is on my list of goals for our homeschooling. And, I honestly believe that you can’t start too early when it comes to learning a foreign language. It will definitely be an adventure though because I don’t know Spanish so I’ll be learning it right along with Squeaker.

Are you teaching the four seasons or have plans to cover them? Take a look at this four seaons printable pack available in English and Spanish!

I am incredibly proud of this pack because it is my first bilingual pack. I don’t intend for it to be my last, either. And I hope that you will find it as useful in your homeschool, school, or everyday life.

Below are a few preview pages:



Here’s what you get in this pack:

* Matching cards (includes English and Spanish)

* Month cards (in both English and Spanish and with alternates for August, September, October, November, and December)

* Seasons Pages (for sorting months, associated symbols of the season, etc.)

* Coloring pages

And you can also be on the lookout for matching Alphabet (1 set of lowercase and uppercase to match each season) and Number cards (1-20, skip counting by 10 to 100) in English with Spanish pending. I will also be releasing an English and Spanish homeschool calender set to complement this entire theme. In the future, this will be available to download at my Teachers Pay Teachers store with a few additional extras. But, in the meantime you’ll always be able to download the individual components free at Just Another Mom.

>>>> Four Seasons Printable Pack <<<<

This file is uploaded to Dropbox but if you need a different download option, please let me know and I will be happy to work something out!

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