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When our children hit a certain age and want to head off to college or university, it can be a really daunting time! For their whole life, we have protected, nurtured and provided for them. That likely means eighteen years of having your offspring by your side, knowing where they are 24 hours a day, and being the person responsible for their daily routines. 

Flying the nest is all part of the journey to adulthood, and as much as we may be filled with fear at the prospect of our babies leaving home, we need to be prepared and help them on these first few steps to independence! 

While they may seem excited, you should remember that they too have their own fears and anxieties about stepping out into the big wide world and fending for themselves, so try to channel any nervous energy you have, into helping build their confidence. This could mean giving them a helping hand when it comes to setting up their new digs! 

In most cases, your children will be moving into a small apartment or shared accommodation, so they may be limited to what they can take with them. Before the move, head down and see what their new living arrangements will be. While you need to ensure they lead the way, you should be there to offer gentle guidance. If they are lucky enough to have a bedroom, living room and kitchen, then there are loads of items they are going to need to set up their home. Knowing they have this will help you with the transition too. At least you won’t be worried about them starving or sitting on cardboard boxes! 

Teenagers love social gatherings; however, if their living space is small, then buying a large sofa might steal space that they need for studying or relaxing. Searching out a sectional or modular sofa might be the answer, there are lots of options like this one which has the added benefit of being leather too, making it easy to clean if anything is spilt – a likely occurrence in a teenage home! 

A great idea could be to start building a kitchen starter pack. Purchasing all the different dry store goods and cooking equipment they have taken for granted at home. A great way to do this might be to give your children your pots and pans – meaning you can buy yourself some new ones, which is a double win! Make sure they have the essential herbs, spices and dry goods such as pasta and lentils. This means you will know they have food even when money is a little tight

Finally, help them to make their bedroom feel a little like home. There are going to be nights when they miss you – don’t worry, they can always visit if they miss you too much! By creating a familiar environment in their bedroom, they will always feel safe and reassured on the long nights when their friends aren’t over to keep them company! 

This is an exciting time and is the next step on their journey to independence. 

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