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Your home is supposed to be your humble happy abode although wouldn’t it be an even better oasis if it had elements of “green living”? There are many ways to make your home feel a little more efficient, which also incorporates sustainability as well as adding your own personal touches, that can make your house a home, add value as well as making it a more functional space that will inspire those around you. 

Being sustainable can relate to the way in which you use your home, too.

Recycling is one of the biggest ways to help the planet and it is also beneficial to upgrading your home; along with decluttering and eliminating dirt and dust. If you declutter and recycle more items, then it can easily free up more space in the home to do more with your home, this will pave the way for you installing new systems and adding eco-friendly equipment.  It allows you to run a much more efficient home which improves your time management, so if you have kids, this will be a huge bonus for you. 

Living Room & Kitchen Space

For your living room, why not invest in a log fire which can be more sustainable than using energy from gas. This way you can also bring the outdoors indoors and in the long run, it is a much cheaper alternative than using gas. Get some cozy rugs and cushions and then you will feel ready for a nice relaxing night in. In your kitchen, look at getting a kitchen table or breakfast bar, because usually it’s the first place people congregate at a dinner party, and you can entertain, make drinks and cook with all your friends and family nearby, and maybe they can even step in to help!

Make sure you have plenty of cups and glasses for everyone, and bring a little bit of a personal touch into the kitchen by adding fruit bowls or cookie jars, so friends and family can help themselves to a little snack!

Keep the snacks inspirational, too.

Sustainable living is made more exciting when you can impress, saying that you make and harvest some of your own fruit and vegetables is exciting. When making cocktails, pull a few sprigs of mint from your own plant on the windowsill and create an added flavorsome touch. You could even make them fresh homemade lemonade from the lemon tree that you make. You don’t have to have a garden to create your own lemon tree; in fact a lot of these trees grow well indoors, too. You can begin growing small herbs and certain vegetables on your windowsill or create your own plantation in your home which allows you to grow easily.

There are plenty of more heavy duty ways to grow your own vegetables such as hydroponic systems that can be implemented on balconies or indoors, so you should look at what will work best for your home setup.

Add some lighting in the kitchen, whichever works best for you, to add style and mood lighting, change the color depending upon the occasion. Sustainable candles can work well, make them yourself and add your own oils whilst melting, such as peppermint or something that will uplift your mood. Perhaps you want to add lavender if you suffer with anxiety.  

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Bathroom changes – sustainable and luxurious 

You can always make the room feel bigger and more spacious with mirrors or mirror tiles which are easy to find and easy to stick on the wall. If your space is small, it doesn’t mean that you can’t still have a lovely home. To make a bathroom eco-friendly you should look at bamboo decorations, including toothbrushes and other things such as soap holders. You could look at using a pretty shower curtain too, that is made of sustainable material. You can also use light colored tiles which can reflect the light which gives the bathroom a luxury feel. 

Add plants and flowers to bring a little bit of nature into your bathroom and this makes you feel more relaxed and looks ultra pretty for your windowsill or vanity cabinet. Adding other little touches such as mood lighting near your bath, or under your window can be very relaxing when you’re having your long soaks; you can also up the ante by looking at Luxury Bathtubs you can really relax in and enjoy. Why not also add some different sized candles to light when you are relaxing, they also can look lovely even when not lit and give a spa feel. Add white towels and wicker baskets for a more traditional feel, as wicker baskets are sustainable and often look really minimalistic and convey a very shiny and well polished image. 

Have soft, woven rugs on the floor, to step out of the bath onto, which can also be made sustainably, and of course keep a nice soft dressing gown nearby to slip into as quickly as possible; a cozy gown is the most exquisite thing after a long day working! Keep a few little bits of make-up and perfume around for any guests to pick up and use if they’re there, you never know, they may be thankful for it! If you can, install a heated towel rail so in those winter months you don’t need to worry about grabbing a cold towel.

For scents, there are many ways to keep your bathroom smelling absolutely gorgeous, either with reed diffusers, or scented candles, or even old fashioned potpourri which gives off a lovely scent and it’s long-lasting also. After all, your bathroom needs to smell good when you walk in if you want it to feel lush and elegant! 

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Purify the air

Keeping your air purifier is going to assist with allergies as well as other issues in the home.  If you are interested in seeing how this could benefit you can check out Molekule on Twitter.

Some of the benefits of keeping clean air within the home are:

  • Air Purifiers Remove Triggers for Asthma Attacks Or Other Allergic Reactions.
  • Air Purifiers Eliminate Allergens, Such As Dust and Pet Odor. 
  • Air Purifiers Trap Tobacco and Cigarette Smoke, Or Other Toxins. 
  • Air Purifiers Extract Airborne Asbestos Particles, Reducing Chances of Mesothelioma Development.

These work similar to an air humidifier which can assist keeping the air moist, which stops it from drying out too easily from heating systems and causing coughs and breathing issues. Humidifiers can be very effective for treating dryness of the skin, nose, throat, and lips and may even ease issues such as common colds or flu symptoms. During these difficult times, this may be of benefit. 

Your home affects your health and often we overlook this. We want our homes to look beautiful and they certainly can but ensuring your are using energy saving tips will be good for your pocket too. Our health is reflected by the environments we are in and the way in which we use energy can also have an impact. The use of less toxins in the home, the better our health and so you should always seek to:

    • Make sure your home is well-insulated to conserve energy and spend less on heat and keep impeccable air flow which contributes to a better respiratory system.
    • Use a thermostat to time your heat and air conditioning for when you are in your home. Don’t use energy you don’t need because if you overheat your home when you don’t need to, it can cause germs to breed, especially in your kitchen.
    • Weatherproof your home. You can do this by sealant, caulk, or weather strip outside openings to prevent air leaks. Any damp in the home can be bad for your health and lead to rusting or mold.
    • Conserve water as much as possible which contributes to the world. 
    • Choose the right garden plants that don’t have a high demand for water and that can provide you with things such as herbs, fruits and are good for the air.
    • Tankless and on-demand water heaters can save up to 30% of energy which could be something such as a Combi boiler. 

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All the products that we fill our home with, we may one day throw out. Which means that when we do finally have another overhaul, a lot of our home products will be landing in landfill which is really bad. Purchasing recycled and buying products that are recyclable will help massively with this chain. When we take something we don’t want and use it for something else, that is known as upcycling and it’s great for our planet.

At the end of a product’s life, consider what parts may be reused at home by yourself and how you can even upgrade them to add beauty and charm. If not, look at the best way to dispose of the product responsibly. Plastics, glass, paper, and other materials may be recycled and are widely recycled locally so be sure to keep an eye on your local council website.  It doesn’t have to be difficult to upgrade and still have a gorgeous hone. Raw materials look gorgeous and are functional. Ready to make the leap? 

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