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The living room is space in the home that gets the most use other than the kitchen. It is the family room, the entertainment room, as well as a wind-down and relaxation room. But does your living room leave something to be desired? Is it looking a little tired, disorganized, and lacking in the energy you want to express? If your living room is cluttered and dark, for example, this can seriously affect your mood and the mood of those around you. It can also, over time, negatively affect your health too. Spending a little time sprucing up your living room can give you a whole range of benefits. First and most simply, it will free up time as you can find things more easily. If it is free from clutter, bacteria and mold have less chance to grow and cause you and your family potential allergies and asthma. It will also give the family more space to enjoy themselves and give you a reception area to be proud of. So, let’s get started with these tips:

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Grab two boxes and in one, put anything in that is not meant to be in the living room. Things such as toys meant for the kid’s bedroom, or anything for your bedroom, or perhaps there is stationary meant to be in the kitchen, for example. Go through drawers and follow the same process. Then in the other box simply put all the rubbish in. This could be old magazines, broken things that you never use. You could even get rid of small tables or other pieces of furniture that are never really used and are just taking up space. Be ruthless and free up as much space as possible. You could spend ten minutes a day doing this for a week or so. As the week progresses, it will get easier to part with the things that you couldn’t put in the box at first. You will find that simply by de-cluttering, you will begin to think more clearly, as the clearer space begins creating a clearer mind.

Shuffle Your Furniture Around

Take a look at the furniture you have and see if there is a better way of arranging it. Perhaps you could think about how people walk into and out of the room and move things with a thought to the room’s flow. Are there any big items in the way of the window? This could be blocking out a lot of natural sunlight vital for your well-being. It may be an idea to get the measuring tape out and see if items will fit in a new order before you go gung-ho. You’ll be surprised at how well shuffling the furniture can improve the feel of your living room. With a little creative flair, this simple process can make the space appear much bigger, and make it feel like a brand new room. You may be able to get to corners you haven’t seen in years, find it easier to see the television or look out the window, even turn on that lamp. Meaning you will have given yourself space to breathe and a room to relax in and enjoy your life.

The Light Touch

 Never underestimate the power of a little light. Increasing the flow of natural light into the living room can provide you and your family with many health benefits. For one, it encourages the body to create vitamin D, which is a vitamin used by your immune system. So more light potentially means you will suffer less from colds. If you have dark curtains, you may want to change them to lighter ones or possible blinds, so you can allow in as much light as possible. If your windows are old, cloudy, and misty, and you actually feel embarrassed to have them on show, meaning you are prone to a dark room, it may be an idea to replace them. A Renewal by Andersen window replacement may be just the ticket. This can solve issues such as drafts, too if your room suffers from that. Another way to add light is to add mirrors. If you put a large mirror on the wall facing the window, you can rebound that precious light and make the room appear bigger in one fell swoop. 

Think Pillows, Throws, and Rugs

 Perhaps you no longer like the furniture you have but don’t have the funds to replace them. Well, draping a throw over that sofa and easy chair, and add a few colorful pillows. This can really spruce up the feel of the living room without breaking the bank. Also, adding color can improve your mood and can have a positive effect on your emotions. Think about how you would like the room to make you feel and get pillows that display the color which creates that mood. Also, has your carpet seen better days? But you are unable to get a new one at the moment. Well, throwing a rug down can instantly brighten up the floor, and it is easy to roll up and take outside to clean. 

Get Painting

When was the last time your walls saw a lick of paint? Is the paintwork fraying at the edges? Has the color lost of luster, and is it yellowing and making the room look unloved? Perhaps, you spend hours cleaning your living room, but it never looks clean. Well, a little paintwork can completely reinvigorate the room and make it feel clean and new again. It will also give it that new paint smell, helping remove musty smells. If you want the room to appear larger, then go with nice bright colors. This will help the flow of natural light in the room and make it feel more alive, boosting your mood. It will also mean that you can save time on cleaning, as the room will once again have that freshness you were craving. For the more creative out there, perhaps you may want to think about a wall mural. You may even want to paint that old piece of furniture, brighten it up to make it feel new again. 

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