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Working from home is great for those who aren’t suited to a 9-5 job. You get to choose your own hours, and because you’re your own boss, you have complete control over how you work. Although sometimes, procrastination can slip in and you may find your brain turning to mush. So here are some ways to keep your brain active when working from home.

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Do Something To Distract You From Work

There will come a point during the day, where you lose your focus. It happens to all of us, and that’s totally fine! You just need to be able to get back onto the motivational horse, and the best way to do that is by doing something completely different from work to distract you so you can re-focus your brain. That might be falling through a rabbit hole of YouTube videos for 15 minutes or making yourself a cup of tea. Everyone needs a distraction because doing something for a prolonged period of time, we naturally get bored. So try this technique every time you find a moment where you are drifting into procrastination.

Consider Doing An Online Course

Depending on what you work on from home, it might be worth doing something different, like an online course to give you some extra experience and credit that you can add onto your CV. It’s also a great way of helping you test your skills and to expand your knowledge of a certain subject. Maybe it can be something that enhances the work you do from home? Either way, look at Aston Online for some inspiration on how you can study from the comfort of your own home. 

Vary Your Tasks But Do Them One At A Time

To stop yourself from going stir crazy, it’s good to vary the tasks that you do throughout the day. It might be good to create some sort of structure for the day. Perhaps for the first half an hour and last half an hour of the day, you check emails, then from the morning till lunch, you can work on one task and then spend the afternoon on a few others. It’s crucial that you do a task one at a time, rather than trying to multi-task. Although this may feel as if you are getting more work done, it can actually slow you down. 

Keep The Workspace Tidy And Organized

A messy space won’t do you wonders when it comes to focusing on your work. If you’re surrounded by clutter, it’ll certainly have an impact on how you work and the quality of said work. So, keep the workspace area tidy and organized. Get storage to keep paperwork at bay and keep on top of the mess so that you can concentrate on your work, rather than the state of your office. Having a quick tidy round is also a good excuse to give yourself a distraction for five minutes from your work.

Speak To Friends And Family Throughout The Day

Social connect is probably the most important way to keep your brain active during the day because, without social connection, your mental wellbeing is affected. This, in turn, can stop you from being productive. So whether you allocate some time during your lunch break or at various points throughout the day, speak to friends and family members for a brief catch-up. Working from home means you don’t get the same social benefits as those who have a full-time job. Therefore you need to make it happen in your own way. 

Figure Out Your Working Hours

Everyone’s working hours are different. Sure you have the bulk of society who work five days a week, from 9 to 5. However, if you’re working from home, you will be able to structure your day to suit you. Your peak hours of work might be different to someone else, peak hours meaning the best times that you work. You may be a morning person and therefore get up early to get work done. Or you could be the opposite and work late into the night. You might want to do two days on and one day off to break up your week. It’s completely up to you, and once you’ve found something that works, you’ll notice a big difference in your work productivity. 

Keeping the brain active when working from home is a lot more difficult than working in an office environment. You don’t have a boss telling you what to do, and no one will know if you take a longer lunch break or pop out to buy some groceries. Find out what works for you and take on board these tips!

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