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Staying motivated is a big challenge when working from home. It’s easy to stay motivated when you work in an office because your boss will notice if you don’t do any work. But when there is nobody to hold you accountable, it’s easy to slack off and waste time instead of being productive. 

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For most people, it’s a learning curve and after a while, you get the hang of working from home. However, if you find that you simply can’t stay motivated, there might be a direct reason why. These are some of the things that can kill your motivation when working from home. 

Lack Of Routine

The great thing about working from home is that it allows you to be flexible, but people misunderstand the benefit of flexible hours. It doesn’t mean that you should just work whenever you feel like it without any clear routine in place, it just means that your work day doesn’t have to look like the typical 9 to 5 day. If you prefer working later in the evenings, you are free to do that, for example. However, you still need a clear routine in place if you are to stay productive. Try to start and finish working at the same time every day and take your breaks at around the same time. Once you have some structure in place, you will find it easier to stay motivated. 

Poor Sleep

Flexible working does have a downside and a lot of people end up working late into the night, which affects their sleeping patterns. Poor sleep makes it harder to concentrate the next day and affects your cognitive function, so you won’t be anywhere near as productive. So, if you want to improve your motivation, you should avoid working late into the night and make sure that your bedroom is set up in the right way. Keep in mind that your poor sleep might be caused by something else too, like an old mattress that doesn’t offer any support. Check out these puffy mattress reviews if you haven’t replaced your mattress for a while. A new mattress will drastically improve your sleep, making it easier to stay motivated when you work. It will also improve your overall health, so it’s a great investment to make. 

Cabin Fever

Working from home is an adjustment and many people struggle with cabin fever because they’re in the house all day long. When you start getting restless and irritable, it becomes more difficult to concentrate and your motivation starts to disappear. If you are going to be successful when working from home, it’s vital that you find ways to change things up so you don’t get stuck in the same cycle. Take a walk at lunchtime to get out of the house and get your heart pumping, for example. A bit of light exercise will help with focus and changing your environment makes a huge difference. Working at coffee shops or coworking spaces on some days is another simple way to add some variety to your routine. 

If you can avoid these big motivation killers when working from home, you will find it so much easier to stay productive. 

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