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I love bacon and I will put it in almost everything that I cook. I’ve put it in spinach and artichoke dip and it was delicious. I put it in my stuffed meatballs, and it is delicious. Add it in to shredded chicken risotto?

Again, it is delicious. There really isn’t a lot that I won’t put bacon in, so something like spaghetti carbonara is right up my alley.

Granted, it’s usually made with pancetta and not bacon, but it tastes pretty similar right? So when I got inspired to twist up a carbonara recipe, I kept the bacon but put in two non-traditional ingredients. To make it more of a filling, all in one, dish; I ended up with a chicken and spinach carbonara. Oh yes. It reminded Kyle and I of the chicken and egg drop soup, but this? Oh so delicious and I think our new preferred method. It must be the bacon.

A simple twist on a carbonara gave us this delicious chicken and spinach carbonara dish.

Prep work was pretty easy as well and this doesn’t require any fancy cooking techniques, so even if you know just the basics; you’ll be okay.

It starts by cooking your chicken:

chicken and spinach carbonara chicken prep

I used three boneless, skinless chicken breasts (though you can also use thighs or a mixture of both if you’d rather) and coated them in a flour mixture before cooking them in butter. Yes, butter. You can use olive oil if you’d prefer but I think the butter gave it a nice touch.

While all of that is cooking, you can get the rest of your ingredients prepped: spinach, onion, garlic, spaghetti (we used thin), eggs, and Parmesan cheese.

chicken and spinach carbonara with spinach bacon and chicken

This all comes together wonderfully in a large stock pot or you can use a large bowl; whichever you prefer. I chose the stock pot because it gave me enough heat to mix everything together and cook the eggs through.

chicken and spinach carbonara in the pot

Now, you can make this for dinner or it might make for a delicious brunch offering. It’s really your call 🙂


Have you ever had carbonara? Would you try this chicken and spinach carbonara?

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