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Recently, I saw a recipe for stuffed meatballs… of course, I didn’t try it out right away and by the time I wanted to try it I forgot where I had seen it. But, I figured that it couldn’t be too hard to create at home. We’ve made stuffed burgers before, so I thought it would be same type of process… just smaller and not flattened. The most difficult part was figuring out what to stuff it with, but then I figured I could just do a variation of one of our favorite meatball recipes. The end result? A tasty and easy meatball recipe that is sure to be on our rotation.

Try this easy twist on a basic meatball, and make stuffed meatballs in your home tonight.

I also ended up making a few regular meatballs with the filling mixed in with the meat mixture. We’ll definitely try these out again with different filling combinations because this was super easy to make.


To fill the meatballs, I ended up doing the following.

After initially forming the meatball into desired size, which if you’ve been here before, you know I have some issues with getting a meatball to the right size

stuffed meatball prep 1

Next, I started to pinch into it, almost like making a clay pot:

stuffed meatballs prep 2

Then it was time to stuff it with some filling. I found that about two to three pinches of filling worked best.

stuffed meatball prep 3

Then it was just a matter of sealing the meatball back up. This wasn’t too easy, because it just involved closing the top of the meatball around the filling.

Some of the meatballs didn’t hold together through baking, which is fine with me.. I wasn’t expecting for them all to stay together. But, for the most part they did hold together nicely.

The filling itself wasn’t too dry and neither was the meatball. Next time we’ll try this with sauce or in a meatball sandwich. Overall, we really liked this recipe… even Squeaker so it’s another to add to our toddler approved recipes as well!

Have you ever made stuffed meatballs?

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Aimee Trader
Aimee Trader
8 years ago

Never made stuffed meatballs before. This looks interesting. Maybe the pasta sauce will be a nice kick. or Throw them on a sandwich or pizza! Dip them in marinara sauce!

Betsy Barnes
Betsy Barnes
8 years ago

I have seen lots of recipes on stuffed meatballs, never knew how to do it. I love that you include photos, very helpful 🙂