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One of our favorite things to have during this time of the year and in Winter is soup. Especially the next day so we always make a big batch of it. Sometimes there’s just nothing like a bowl of homemade soup on a chilly fall or winter day. And one of our favorites is a twist on classic chicken soup. Adding in eggs, cheese, and spinach- this protein packed soup becomes a great breakfast as well. When I was pregnant with Squeaker, some days this was all that I could keep down. Try this tasty chicken and egg soup with your family tonight and let me know how it goes!

On a chilly winter day, I love a good bowl of soup. This homemade chicken and egg soup is one of my absolute favorites.

You can also add in peas but the past couple of times we’ve made this, we’ve left it out. This soup also blends very well for homemade baby food. Just be sure to leave yourself enough liquid if you decide to go that route. On that note, if you’re going to try this as a first solid without blending it up, just be mindful of the chicken and onion. Most of the soup is small enough so it won’t be too much of a choking hazard. However, because this is made with eggs, you might want to hold off until you know that your child doesn’t have any food allergies.


chicken and egg soup ingredients

This recipe is also fairly budget friendly considering the amount of soup that it yields. We are able to get a large stockpot nearly full. Not pictured is the onion. And as I mentioned earlier, you can also add in peas if you like.

chicken and egg drop soup eggs and cheese

You can also adjust the number of eggs that you use, but I usually end up putting in six. I think it just makes for a better balance among everything else in the soup. Also of note, because of the cheese, we don’t add salt to our soup. The chicken is seasoned with garlic salt and black pepper and then with the cheese, I think that makes it fairly salty.


This may also be a sneaky way to get spinach into your child’s diet if they don’t already eat it. For us that’s not much of a problem as Squeaker quite enjoys spinach. In fact, once the spinach is cooling, I have to hide it or she’ll think it’s all for her to eat.

On a chilly day, nothing warms you up like a good bowl of soup. Try this protein packed, chicken and egg soup for one of those days.
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