Pork Marsala Casserole

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Recently we’ve taken to using pork in our recipes instead of chicken. I enjoy cooking with pork and I find it to be an incredibly diverse meat that won’t quite break the bank like beef. While I haven’t tried substituting it in any red meat based recipes, I’m finding that it does substitute nicely in chicken recipes. We have tried it out most recently in a Marsala and came up with a pork Marsala casserole.

A tasty spin on a traditional marsala, this casserole calls for pork instead of chicken to create a pork marsala casserole.

 The tastes was a bit more rich and hearty than with a chicken Marsala, but still delicious none the less.

pork marsala steps

One of our go-to meals is a simple pork chops with rice and gravy dish. Everything is prepared in one pan, except for the rice, so the end result is a very rich and filling meal. We usually have this with a side of sauteed spinach, a simple side salad, or cauliflower though it’s also really good on its own.

To start, I season boneless, center cut pork chops with black pepper and garlic salt. And then heat a large pan with about 1-2 tablespoons of butter. You can also use your preferred cooking oil, but the butter really adds to the flavor. I put the pork chops in seasoned side down and season the other side while the seasoned side is searing up a bit.

For this recipe, we used six pork chops total and ended up with quite a bit of pork. But that also depends on how you want to serve it. We prefer to cut ours into bite sized pieces but you can also leave them whole. It’s really up to you!

Once the pork is cooked, I set them aside to rest and then added another tablespoon of butter to saute the onion and mushrooms. Once they were done, it was time to make the Marsala sauce.

While the Marsala sauce was coming together, I made a pot of egg noodles.


When we’ve made chicken Marsala, we’ve also used cooked rice as our base. Either baking it in with the casserole or serving it over rice. I like that because I think the rice tends to absorb the sauce better.

Do you make Marsala at home? What do you think of this pork Marsala casserole?

A classic chicken Marsala dish gets a simple twist by using pork instead. Try this tasty pork Marsala casserole with your family tonight!
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