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Your child’s teeth are generally a lot easier to move around than adult teeth. However, crooked teeth can have a number of different causes. While environmental factors do play a huge role, genetic factors can also play a part. Whether it’s the size of the teeth, the shape, or even your child’s bite, there are many different variables that could affect your child’s teeth.


As such, it’s a good idea to take a look at the habits your child is developing to see if you can prevent them from getting crooked teeth in the first place. While it might not be possible to completely avoid the possibility, there are certainly ways to reduce the chances caused by environmental and oral hygiene factors.

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Make sure your child takes good care of their teeth


One of the best ways to make sure that your child takes good care of their teeth is to teach them how to. This can involve brushing your teeth twice a day, flossing if they’re old enough, and eating less sugary foods. These are great habits to develop as children and it’s better if they learn them from an early age. You may also want to teach them a little more about how to brush their teeth once they’ve developed the dexterity and motor skills to do so.


Convincing them to brush twice a day can be hard, but the earlier you teach them the importance of doing this, the better it’ll be for their teeth. Once they make it a habit to brush once in the morning and once at night, you can even teach them to brush after heavy meals that might leave a lot of debris on their teeth.


Point out habits that could affect our child’s teeth


There are a number of habits that could cause your child to have crooked teeth. For example, they might suck their thumb regularly or they might chew on hard things regularly such as a pencil or piece of plastic. If this is the case, then point out and stop this behavior as early as possible so that it doesn’t affect their teeth in the long run.


Can you fix crooked teeth?


Even if you’ve done everything to prevent your child from getting crooked teeth, there’s still a possibility that they might be affected by it. As such, you can consider different ways to fix crooked teeth such as child braces, aligners, or even surgery in particularly difficult cases. The best way to determine what kind of procedure or treatment option your child needs is to speak with your family doctor so that they can arrange an appointment with a specialist.


Crooked teeth are certainly fixable, but you need to do this as early as possible for your child while their teeth are still a little easier to move. That’s not to say that crooked teeth can’t be fixed at a later age, but this is certainly something that gets easier the earlier you handle it.

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