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Whether you like it or not, your windows are part of your home which means you need to be looking at the ways that you can clean them. The windows deal with a lot. From bugs being squashed on the outside to the barrage of rain and thunder on the outside, your windows are going to handle a lot of pressure, a lot of dust and a lot of that. This means that you need to make sure that you get down to cleaning your windows efficiently. You need to do it fast, and you need to do it well so that the cleaning is done properly. 


Sure, you can hire a professional company and they can clean all of the inside and the outside windows of your home. It’s often the fastest way to get your windows cleaned to a professional standard. The thing is, not everybody can afford this, and while they can’t afford a glass robot cleaner or simply a bucket of water and some good old newspaper, you do need to get it done either way. Here are seven tricks for cleaning your windows.

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  • Use glycerin. Did you know that a teaspoon of glycerin into water is an excellent solution for window cleaning? All the dust present in the air won’t sit on the windows when you use a solution on the window pains. It protects your windows with a filter, in the same way as a winter windscreen washer liquid stay or fabric softener. If you don’t have any glycerin to hand, think about using rinse aid for your dishwasher. They contain lemon juice and alcohol and the ingredients will effectively remove any residue from the window pains and that will make your window shine. For every 3 L of water, a glass of glycerin will do the trick.
  • Go the natural route. Something as simple as white or apple vinegar to a glass of water is an eco-friendly cleaner for your windows. Not only will it let you clean the windows, there’ll be no streaks and no smears. If you add a couple of drops of your favorite essential oils, your house will smell wonderful and when the sun shines through and hits the window up, you’ll be able to have a fully scented home simply by having your windows cleaned properly with the right oils.
  • You need the right order. There is a sequence to cleaning windows and this trick is an easy one to remember. Never start cleaning the actual window glass because you’ll end up having to do it all over again! Brush the frames, then the panes and finally the sill. This way, you don’t have to remove the stains that occur when you are washing other areas of the window.
  • Never use kitchen paper. Paper towels are tempting to use to dry the windows but the thing is that this will help them to strike not only that it will leave tiny little pieces of towels left on the panes. If you want to clean all of the windows, you’ll need plenty of paper towels so instead, use a microfiber cloth. Once you finish cleaning, wash the microfiber cloth and you’ll be ready to go again. It’s an excellent and eco-friendly way to ensure that you dry the window properly.
  • Go the skyscraper way. The wet method will only ever work if you have a pane wiper at hand. If you do, clean the windows using water with a good washing agent and then wipe it all off using the wiper. You may have seen window cleaners do this when they are in action cleaning professional windows outside. Just make sure that you are moving and shaking.
  • Don’t wash the windows when it’s too hot during the day. If you do this, the cleaning agent will dissolve too quickly and leave nasty streaks across the window. You’ll want to ensure that you can clean the windows before the noon sun, and after. Of course, your house can be hot first thing in the morning or last thing at night, and when that happens you need to just wait until it’s cooled off outside.
  • Don’t use dry cloth. A dry cloth can scratch the window, and the last thing you need is a clean window that’s covered in tiny little scratches. Make sure that you’re using microfiber cloths, and wet clothes to wash the windows so that your window stays stain free and scratch free at all times.


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