10 Benefits of Exercising Regularly for Long Term Health 2

10 Benefits of Exercising Regularly for Long Term Health

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So, I really did have all intention of posting about Yoga, but I haven’t started my at home program. Honestly, I still feel that yoga is a great start when it comes to a fitness program at home for moms. Today though, I still want to have some focus on fitness, so I’m going to talk about the benefits of exercising. I’m going to make every Friday a Fitness Friday, and the Yoga for Beginners (Like Me) series will be on a monthly basis. What I need to start doing is keep a fitness journal or at the very least make an accountability sheet. Yes, I know, there are apps for that but if I write it down and can see it, I’m far more likely to keep with it.

10 Benefits of Exercising Regularly for Long Term Health 3

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 As part of my own at-home fitness routine, or at least until the weather is warmer, I’m starting Yoga. Once I’ve had the chance to actually use this stuff, I’ll have another post up but for now, you can see what I’m intending to use.

* A yoga mat

* An exercise ball

* A Yoga for Beginners boxed set including DVDs and Yoga cards

I’ve also looked online for a few resources and once the weather is nicer, I’ll start taking daily walks around the neighborhood with Squeaker.

So why am I making it a point to integrate exercise into my daily routine?

We all know about certain benefits of exercising – above all, that it’s good for us. But this isn’t always enough to get us motivated into actually doing it. If you’re looking for a little inspiration to get started on your new year’s resolution or to just start a healthier lifestyle then here are 10 reasons why exercise can improve your life.

10 Benefits of Exercising Regularly

10 Benefits of Exercising Regularly for Long Term Health 4

1) More Energy: Although exercise in itself may be tiring, one of the major benefits of exercising is the fact that it’ll ultimately leave you feeling more energized. Studies have shown that regular exercise helps to reduce fatigue.

2) Increase Your Mood: Every time you exercise your body will release endorphins that help to make you feel good. Exercise really will give you a natural high!

3) Improve Your Health: There are so many health benefits of losing weight that it’s impossible to list them all here! By getting fit you’ll reduce the risk of diabetes, cancer, high blood pressure, stroke, heart disease and much more.

4) Improve Your Appearance: If being overweight or not being toned leaves you feeling unhappy about yourself then losing weight can help you to look and feel better.

5) Play With Your Kids: It takes a lot of energy to keep up with your kids. By losing weight and getting fit, you’ll be able to run around with them without constantly getting out of breath. This can be one of the most rewarding benefits of exercising: it helps you to enjoy life more.

6) Sleep Better: When you exercise more you’ll start to find it easier to get a good night’s rest. This adds to the energy boost that you’ll get from exercise in the long term.

7) Increase Your Strength and Stamina: Do you find it hard to go on long walks, even though you want to? Or maybe even carrying shopping bags up the stairs is a struggle? Exercise more and you’ll eventually be able to handle these activities with ease.

8) Reduce Stress: Exercise can hugely reduce stress levels. If you regularly suffer from stress – or even mental heath issues such as depression and anxiety – regular exercise can help to reduce your symptoms.

9) A Sense Of Achievement: When you start to exercise and see the improvements you’re making week on week, you’ll really get the feeling that you’ve achieved something worthwhile!

10) Keep Your Independence Later In Life: The more you can exercise now, while you’re still able, the more you can reduce the impact of certain health problems later in life. In short, keeping fit and healthy will help you to keep your independence as late into life as possible.

Do you exercise daily or on a regular basis? What do you think the benefits of exercising are?

10 Benefits of Exercising Regularly for Long Term Health 5

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Stacie @ Divine Lifestyle
6 years ago

I knew exercise was good for you because it helped you lose weight, but I didn’t know all of its other benefits. Thanks so much for sharing this.

Shaney Vijendranath
6 years ago

I’m trying to gym everyday now! Hubby and I decided we going to do this together. We want to live a healthier and fitter lifestyle.

Kelly Hutchinson
6 years ago

I was wondering about this question myself and I do know I feel so much better when I exercise. It also makes a difference in how my clothes fit and feel.

6 years ago

Exercising is so important. I don’t do it enough and I regret it, and am trying! I just have so much going on. So I make sure u walk lots and drink lots of water until spring/summer when I can go running again!

6 years ago

Been exercising for 3 months now and the difference in my body and how I feel is so big; I love it!

Digna D.
6 years ago

There are many benefits to exercising and most you will never be aware of. It’s great if you can keep a journal and it works for you. When it comes to working out or yoga, I try not to think about doing it to much. I have found it’s easier to make it part of my regular lifestyle, like eating or brushing my teeth, it makes it so much easier.

Cara (@StylishGeek)
6 years ago

One of the immediate benefits of exercising for me is that it clears my headspace. And once that’s done I feel lighter, no stress, and feel refresh! 🙂 So it has mental as well as physical benefits for me!

Lisa @bitesforbabies
6 years ago

I’ve been going to the gym religiously for the last 20 years!! I can’t imagine NOT going to the gym!

6 years ago

Exercise definitely keeps me more awake during the day. I love how you feel after you exercise. It gives me a lot more energy throughout the day as well. Thanks for all your great tips!

Christina Aliperti
6 years ago

I think exercise is so important for our overall health. I try to exercise at least 3 times a week, but sometimes I get lazy.

6 years ago

I love working out. It is important to find something you like to do so you do it daily. I feel better, sleep better, and have more energy when I work out daily!

Jess Scull
Jess Scull
6 years ago

Yoga is always something I have been dying to get into! This looks like a great starter kit!

Ann Bacciaglia
Ann Bacciaglia
6 years ago

My daughter and i were just talking about trying Yoga. It is a great way to stretch your body and has so many great benefits.

6 years ago

I do feel better if I exercise. If I don’t I feel sluggish and tired.

6 years ago

Good for you! Stay motivated! I know Yoga can do wonders for people and even though I exercise, I had to stop Yoga…don’t know exactly what it was, but I was having some very weird issues with it. Once I stopped and tried other stretches the nightmares and “weird” feelings stopped, so while Yoga is not for me, I know others love it. Just be careful, okay 🙂

Chrystal @ YUM eating
6 years ago

I am trying to get back into a fitness routine. As someone who suffers from osteoarthritis in my hips and degenerative disk disease in my back I can say that yoga is amazing – when I stick with it. I am the same as you in the fact that yeah, we have all these fancy apps, but its easier for me to go the old fashioned paper and pen route.

valerie g
valerie g
6 years ago

I love using exercise balls. They are fun but you get a great work out at the same time!

Erin Kennedy
6 years ago

I completely agree, but it is good to read a reminder sometimes. Would love to check out yoga.

Bonnie @ wemake7
Bonnie @ wemake7
6 years ago

Exercising always made me feels so great after. I have really got to get back to it.

6 years ago

Exercise is so important! I’m trying to work out every day even if only for 30 minutes.

Ashleigh Walls
6 years ago

I’m really trying to get more exercise in. Now that my son needs to do more PT I’m trying yoga with him!

6 years ago

I started going to the gym regularly a few months ago, and I love how exercise gives me a sense of clarity, confidence, and a zest of energy. I’m hoping to sign up for yoga classes sometime this year, but I’ll have to take it easy for awhile before doing that since I have tonsil surgery coming up soon.

Yona Williams
6 years ago

I love all of your reasons for exercising. For me, I love the way I feel after a workout. It is invigorating, and you do feel the boost of energy. It also reduces stress for me. I feel like I am able to clear my head with a good workout.

6 years ago

I don’t exercise at all. I’ve been wanting to try Yoga since there’s a Yoga place about a mile from here but never got around to doing it. I’ll probably end up doing it here at home. 🙂

Eliz Frank
Eliz Frank
6 years ago

Definitely an important part of our daily routine is to get some exercise in. I was always athletic and I need to get back on track after an injury and health issues.

6 years ago

I always used to think exercising wasn’t need in my life. As I’ve grown older I realize how foolish I have been. Now a days I cannot get through a day without a walk at bare minimum.

Aisha Kristine Chong
6 years ago

Exercise is definitely a good one – I wish I can be much more consistent with it though haha!

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