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Though I’ve probably done more crafts and activities with Squeaker, I’ve wanted to try more crafts with Sweet B. She does projects at school that seem simple enough to expand on at home. I’ve also thought of going with an easier route and buying kits to do projects with her instead. This seems to be easier, on both her and me, so when I had the opportunity to try out two products from Cool Brands, I was pretty excited.

the benefits of crafts for autistic children

One of the main reasons that I want to do more crafts and projects with her, aside from spending time together, is to work on her fine motor skills. I think that arts and crafts are of great benefit for any child, but especially for someone like her who could use the extra work.

knits cool contents

I do enjoy knitting and I can remember making many a hand-knitting project as a child. I finally completed my first real knitting project before Squeaker’s arrival but haven’t done much since. So when I found out that we had the opportunity to try the Knit’s Cool set, I was pretty excited. In fact, I think I was more excited about this than Sweet B.

  • The Knit’s Cool Knitting Studio is an amazing new tool that makes learning to knit super easy.
  • With the Knit’s Cool Studio, you can easily design your favorite fashions – think scarves, boho headbands, cute purses and more.
  • Learn to craft fun and fashionable accessories with Knit’s Cool by watching the easy How-To videos online!
  • Knitting with needles is hard to do, but now you don’t have to worry with Knit’s Cool™

I loved how easy this was to set up!

knits cool in action

We started with the scarf and I got it set up for her and showed her what to do. Admittedly, she did get a little frustrated with the process, but we’re still working on it every day after she gets home from school as a part of her afterschooling.

cool text in action

We also had the opportunity to try out the Text Cool studio.

  • Turn texts into a fashion statement you can wear on your wrists! Text Cool allows you to showcase your inner fashionista on your wrist!
  • Text Cool includes an easy to use Bracelet Studio, featuring over 60 letters and emoticons and 35 bracelets to wear and share.
  • Text Cool is available at Target, Walmart, Amazon and Toys R’ Us.
  • Creativity and crafts go hand in hand, Text Cool lets you get your creative messages on your wrists for the world to see! Show your creativity with Text Cool.

text cool contents

Sweet B was definitely more apprehensive about this and I had to do a lot of the set up for her. But, we did end up making a pretty cool bracelet for her to wear to school and out in the public promoting autism acceptance 🙂

Overall, our experience with the Cool Brands products were fun. They helped Sweet B with her fine motor skills and gave me a new element to add into her afterschooling routine.

I was selected for this opportunity as a member of Clever Girls and the content and opinions expressed here are all my own.

Crafts can provide many benefits for children of all abilities. #IMACoolMaker #CG @Spin_Master
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