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 Routine maintenance is key to keeping your home in the best condition and of the highest possible value at all times. While adding value to the property, a fresh coat of paint keeps your exterior looking ever new and protected against the elements.


But if you’re not just changing colors or renovating your home, you may not know it’s time to handle a brush once again. That’s often because exterior painting is a time-consuming task, one you may prefer never to do if you can help it.


But as with most other things, painting doesn’t last forever. So here are some signs that you need to repaint your exterior.



1. Peeling or cracking paint


If you find your exterior paint cracking, bubbling, or peeling, it’s time for a repaint. These things can happen over time, and for southeastern states like Atlanta, your exterior paint can last for about 10 years. But if it starts peeling a few months or years after your last DIY paint job, chances are it wasn’t properly done.


Rather than run the risk of making the same mistakes repeatedly, consider hiring experts skilled in exterior painting Atlanta. Although it may seem costly, calling in a pro can help save money since the finished work will potentially last longer.


2. Paint getting faded


Faded paint doesn’t offer as much appeal as faded jeans, as it only makes your exterior look drab.


Paint fades over time due to exposure to sunlight and humidity, so the side facing the sun during summer will likely fade faster. Additionally, darker paint colors fade quicker than lighter paints, so it’s wise to repaint your exterior with something more durable.


Furthermore, note the area exposed where the fading occurs. If it’s not exactly the side in direct view of passersby, you may decide not to repaint ASAP.


3. Moisture issues in your structure


One of the reasons to never ignore cracking paint is that it could result from a much bigger issue, such as moisture and mold growth. Moisture can seep from the home’s exterior to the interior, creating a conducive environment for further mold growth in your living space.


Molds can cause stains and rot the longer they’re allowed to thrive, making your exterior less appealing. When you notice any of these issues, consider seeking professional moisture and mold remediation before repainting your walls.

When you hire an expert water remediation company to put things right, you can be sure the problem isn’t just hidden away, but gone for good. 


4. Damaged caulk


Caulking is a crucial part of exterior painting, but unfortunately, it has a shorter life span compared to paint. So if your caulk work is beginning to show signs of age, such as cracking and crumbling, you would have to repaint the entire exterior after re-caulking.


Re-caulking and painting as soon as you notice a problem is crucial as it helps prevent any water damage that may result from the broken caulk.


5. Gaps in shrinkage in the siding


Building materials are subject to aging, and siding is no different. Shrinkage in wood siding may result in gaps, causing the paint to crack and peel off. These things do not relate to the quality or age of your paint, but they mar the overall appeal of your exterior and would need your attention.


Bottom Line


In addition to these, you would need to repaint your exterior when looking to sell your property. When the entire building starts looking drab as you view it from afar, you’d also know when it’s time.

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