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Upgrading your home is a big deal and it can improve its value. However, you don’t have to pay thousands of dollars, or use expensive interior designs and months of work to get the design you desire. You can make your home stylish and modern and new with just a few basic home improvement projects.

Some of them may require expert help but overall you’re likely to see a massive improvement in your home’s function and its price tag. Everyone wants a sustainable home now. It saves money in the long run and it is desirable to buyers. You want to make your home look good and feel good and also be practical across the board. Get organized!

Think space! Think big!

Everyone wants more space in their home. We love light and air and making the place look bigger will give you more ideas to change things up inside and improve its design further. You can play around with optical illusions to make your windows look much more extensive than they first look to be. Hang your curtains higher! This design feature also gives some added design ideas because if you have smaller windows or if your windows are strange shapes, you can still use your curtains to dress the window however you want.

You might think this little change is a no brainer, but you’ll be surprised by how much bigger this will make your room look and feel. When you hang the curtain rods higher, it is going to give the illusion of a higher ceiling, so add longer curtains too and this is going to give you the space that you want. In addition to this trick, there are a number of other ways to bring in that coveted space! 

  1. Use very light colors to bring in some depth.
  2. Utilize hidden storage or furniture that allows you to use the space, such as beds with drawers underneath or little closets and cupboards. 
  3. Display large-scale art – this will make your room feel bigger and shouldn’t over cramp the wall, especially if you use colors and images that complement the walls. 
  4. Use a few lamps to spread light evenly around the room and make the hues feel cozy and warm without making it feel too small. 
  5. Use rugs to define the spaces – rugs can really help and you will want to focus on using rugs on top of wooden floors as this will help make it feel more homely. 

To add extra space, look at the space above your doorway. By adding a simple shelf above your door, you can display many of the pieces you’ve been keeping in storage, even if it is just vases or ornaments. It’s a beautiful way to brighten up a room and it doesn’t take up any additional space. Put the valuable pieces up here if you have kids and you’re worried that they will get their hands on them! 

Photo: Pixabay

Windows can make all the difference! 

Windows can look old and battered if they haven’t been replaced in a long time. This is why getting new frames and glass can help keep the bad weather out and also make the room look better. Modern windows will enhance any home. Perhaps you want to go one step further and dress up your window glass – it is possible! Add some stained glass windows! This beautiful feature can add a gorgeous splash of color and still provide privacy. It will easily reflect the light and add a tranquil and peaceful atmosphere for you to have a soak in your bathtub.

Alternatively, you could opt for a frosted look with a pattern running through it if you wanted something a little more understated. Whatever you decide, you will certainly fall in love with the look. You can also change it when they’re worn down too much, or you want another look, just peel off and stick some new ones on. It’s simple but effective! 

Garden Improvements, outdoor living is so important! 

Your garden is important. You want your garden space to look great and you may want to add features too. This is where you may need a little expert advice. If you are looking to get a new driveway then you may need to look at a driveway channel drain. The professionals will be able to advise you on what type of driveway to choose but this will provide extra security for any cars or bikes. You may also want to look at:

  1.  Plant a few big pots filled with lots of plants – the bigger the better as it will feel lush.
  2. Add plant pots to patios and even a small bistro table – this will feel inviting and enhance a small space. 
  3. Edge your lawns – go the extra mile after you have mowed the lawn. It will be incredibly appealing as a cultivated garden looks much more attractive. 
  4. Paint your Wendy house or tool shed a pretty color – if you have kids, then make the kids areas look better and a little more appealing. It may even be a huge feature if any potential buyers have kids.
  5. Use mirrors to make your garden seem bigger- mirrors are a fun thing to add to your garden and also add an element of security to be sure to look into them! 
  6. Divide up your space – have clear areas for your garden, a recreational area, a herb area, perhaps a graveled area, you can look on Pinterest for so many ideas! 
  7. Use blue plants at the far edges of your garden – this will bring the light out and not focus darker colors in the middle, making your garden look bigger. 
  8. Match landscaping materials – have all your materials similar because it will look neat and appealing to the eye. 

Will lighting help? You bet! 

Lighting is going to make or break any house. If you need some extra illumination while you’re preparing dinner, or just to look nice, you could add some strips of LED lighting under your cabinets and lower panels. They can be added to any space, no matter how large or small your kitchen is and you can choose the colors that best suit the space. Add a little mood lighting and you will be surprised how nice and upgraded your home feels.

You can add lighting inside cabinets too, if they are glass it will illuminate anything inside such as wine glasses or anything you have on show. Lighting can be played up or down which is why lamps are so important. If you have a lamp in the corner of your room it will highlight one specific corner and the rest will be drenched in a hue of some kind. You must ensure that you play around with the lamps and the types of bulbs as some higher wattage bulbs will look bright and intrusive.

That’s ok in a kitchen if you’re preparing food but for your living spaces, you want the lighting to be just right.

You may want to also opt for a salt lamp. These lamps are lovely and can make a huge difference, they also come with some benefits such as purifying the air and helping with anxiety. If you love to meditate or read then this could be a nice addition. You could also look at some free standing lamps that you can place around the home and don’t look out of place. Whether that’s in the doorway to bring a warm welcomed atmosphere, or perhaps you want to add some lamps on the landing area to make the upstairs feel cozy.

There are many ways to play around with lighting. Candles can be used to enhance the lighting and even in the summer months, you can opt for summer fresh scents such as fruity or sea scents which will only make the home feel more luxurious

Although some of the above ideas may be a little pricey for you, many of them can be done on a budget by shopping around. Look at thrift stores and look for sales. This is vital if you want to do things on a smaller budget, because it’s important to note that not everyone has so much of a disposable income to spend on their home. Ask old friends for some of their old furniture, you can always paint it up.

Ask them to let you know if anyone is selling anything cheaper and be sure to look online and even on eBay to see if there’s anything you can make the most of. Just because it is pre owned doesn’t mean that it won’t still add value to your home and upgrade it! These epic designs can be worth it if and will certainly add some flair to your home to impress your friends and make you feel good about where you live. However, be very cautious with your budget and the way you go about making improvements. Any building changes will have to be run past your local council also! 

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