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Undoubtedly, parenting a child with autism spectrum disorder (ASD) is challenging and demanding. It can drain your physical energy as you struggle to manage things amid endless appointments and therapy sessions. Moreover, you have to struggle to keep the kid motivated through their journey.


Yet following a rule of acceptance with love, care and patience can contribute a lot to keep them going. Incorporating some practical tips can help your child adapt to this challenging situation.



Maintain balance in life


Children with ASD perform better when given a highly structured routine. Maintain a balance between therapy and fun time in their routine. Talk to their teachers and therapists often to discover new ways of interaction with the kid. Since it is hard for them to accept frequent disruptions, try to fix schedules for meals, therapy, school, and bedtime. Keeping consistency in the schedule is the best way to reinforce learning. Always prepare your child in advance for any new change.


Seek support


Be courageous enough to seek support as and when required. No one can deal with all situations alone, and it is natural to feel frustrated as a caregiver. Moreover, interacting with someone else can do wonders for the kid. Asking an empathetic friend or family member to babysit for an evening could be a good idea. Peer groups or volunteers can be supportive. If an ASD child has intense needs look for respite care options. Verify the details of these support systems minutely and make sure another caregiver understands your child’s diagnosis. 


Focus on the positive


Positive feedback and appreciation can be magical for motivating children on the spectrum. Keep a close watch on their every activity and complement it with an expression of love or reward. To give a positive edge to your child daily, you must restore your positivity by chanting positive affirmations or self-talk. You can even read inspiring quotes to boost yourself through the struggle. A little work on yourself makes you better at motivating your kid.  


Cut your stress

It is quite normal to get stressed while dealing with challenges in the parenting journey. Never let this stress affect your mental and physical health. You are the strongest pillar of your child’s life, so avoid getting overwhelmed. You can list the major causes of your stress to break them. Try developing self-compassion during high-stress periods to keep anxiety attacks at bay. 


Invest in self-care


Paying attention to self-care is important for a caregiver parent. Some simple self-care methods like exercise, meditation, enjoying your hobby, having lunch with friends, and going early to bed can enhance your strengths. Taking care of yourself helps to maintain the vitals of your mental health like patience, calmness, and positivity.


You will be able to participate more in the growth of your child. Moreover, keeping them motivated is easy when you feel healthy and happy.


Motivation goes a long way in making your ASD kid significantly self-dependent. It bolsters their inner strength and makes them happy. So do your bit to help them retain their motivation through their journey.  


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