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If you are looking for ways to be more eco-friendly at home, the kitchen is the best place to start. It’s an area of the home where you use a lot of energy and generate a lot of waste. You also have issues with things like cleaning chemicals and packaging that are not great for the environment, which is why the kitchen should be your focus when trying to go green at home.

These are some of the best changes that you can make for a more eco-friendly kitchen. 

4 Simple tips for an eco-friendly kitchen

Cut Back On Food Waste 

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Food waste is a massive problem and so much perfectly good food gets thrown away every single day. The average person wastes a pound of food every single day, and most of it is completely unnecessary. Often, it happens because people buy more than they need when they do their grocery shopping. Half of the food they buy goes bad before they have a chance to eat it and they throw it out. The best way around that is to start meal planning.

If you work out exactly what you are going to cook and what ingredients you need, you should be able to get to the end of the week with very little waste. 

Another reason that people waste food is that they cook too much and then they throw away what they don’t eat. The best way to avoid that is to follow recipes closely and keep an eye on your portion sizes. It will save you money and it’s better for the environment. 

Avoid Plastic Packaging 

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This is a tough one because so much food comes packed in plastic, but there are some simple ways to cut back. If you can shop locally at smaller stores, you tend to find fresh, healthy foods that are not prepacked. There are still some items that you can’t usually find without plastic, so you may have to make some sacrifices here. You should also try to find local zero waste stores that let you use refillable containers for things like rice and pasta. 

Repair Appliances 

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When an appliance like the stove or refrigerator breaks down, we are so quick to replace it with a new one. But disposing of those appliances in an environmentally friendly way is difficult, and you also have to consider the emissions created during the manufacture of the new one. That’s why it’s way more eco-friendly to call an appliance repair company and have them fix it for you. Most of the time, it’s a small issue that is easily fixed, so you will save a lot of money if you repair instead of replace. 

Reduce Water Waste 

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Water waste is the thing that people often forget, but it’s a big problem in the kitchen. We’re very careless when it comes to water, so most people use way more than they need to. But if you pay more attention to your use and avoid things like running the tap to wash up instead of filling the bowl, it makes a big difference. You can also install low flow faucets which use way less water than a standard one. 

These simple changes in your kitchen will help you to live a far more eco-friendly lifestyle. 

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