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Bathroom renovations are not simple; they involve a lot of planning to avoid costly mistakes and delays. With that said, it is advisable to hire a professional who can help with every task, from the planning to the construction.

Before renovating your bathroom, ask yourself these questions: 

  • What’s my daily routine? Your new bathroom layout will be based on this, for example, do you use a bathtub and shower, or just one of these?
  • How much can I spend? The more ambitious a bathroom renovation project is, the costlier it is, and you will want to come up with a budget to avoid overspending. 
  • How much storage do I need? You must make this decision before renovating because installing storage features will be harder after everything has been done.
  • How many people will be using the bathroom? You should know if the bathroom requires two or more mirrors or double sinks.

Knowing the answers to these questions will make it easier to describe what you expect your bathroom to have. 


Bathroom renovations involve expert plumbers who can clear out pipes and get rid of hair and gunk down the drain. Smaller drains are more likely to clog than larger ones, so if you’re using one and a half-inch pipes, upgrade them to a two-inch drain. 

Choose a team that has professional plumbers who can fit and repair all kinds of bathtubs and showers, pop-up sink drains, taps and traps, toilets and bidets, and hand basins. Such plumbing services will also make sure that there are no leaking taps or floods that cause mold and damp to your bathroom.

Mold and damp can result in a whole host of problems, including the need for a pest control service because you have some creepy crawlies who have taken base in your bathroom!


Light fixtures are essential not only to brighten up the room but to set the mood accordingly. You can opt for a dimmer switch so that you can adjust the lighting to your preference. 

You must also consider how you use the mirror in your bathroom. Whether for shaving or application of make-up, proper lighting fixtures are vital.

Aside from working on the lighting system, experts can also install bathroom heaters, which are perfect if you’re living in a cold area. You can opt for a ceiling or wall-mounted heater or electric floor heating. You can even choose whether you want to incorporate a fan and lights into it. 

Professional bathroom renovations also include installing bathroom fans to draw out excess moisture, protecting your house structure from mould and damp. Fans can be manually turned on or they have motion-sensing, which means they automatically turn on when you enter the room. Other fans available can sense humidity, meaning they turn on when the air is moist.

  1. Windows

Windows are a great feature as long as they’re done correctly. A frosted-glass panel style is ideal for privacy. It is also crucial to ensure that the sill is sloped down for proper draining, and there should be stone jambs throughout the installation to make the area watertight. 

You may also want a tilt-and-turn window in the bathroom. Just make sure that the screen is located on the outer side of the window, with plastic handles that don’t rust. It is also essential that these windows give full privacy even when they’re tilted open.

  1. Shower Floors

When choosing tiles for your shower floor, it is best to avoid larger ones because they can be difficult to slope properly. Bigger tiles that aren’t textured also tend to be slippery since the grout lines are placed further away from each other. Smaller tiles are ideal because they offer more friction, preventing accidents.

The renovation company you choose will be able to provide you with a wide range of flooring, such as ceramic, glass, stone, or concrete. Rubber tiling is also trendy, and they prevent slipping. Such tiles have become popular in commercial bathrooms where safety is the utmost priority, such as hospitals and clinics, factories, sports buildings, care homes, children’s centres, and so on.

Bathroom renovation experts also offer floor maintenance services where they regularly seal stone floors like travertine tile, preventing them from chipping and cracking.

So there you have it: four of the main areas that need to be considered when you are renovating your bathroom. These four factors are critical when it comes to the success of your bathroom redecoration. The only thing left to do is get started. 

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