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When you think of your garden, should you be lucky enough to have one, it’s likely you think of the safest piece of nature you have ever known. After all, this piece of land never ‘truly’ belongs to us instead of nature, but we can exercise the greatest degree of control over it. This means we tend to feel the safest there.

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However, it’s also important to recognize that your garden, however safe it looks, can sometimes be dangerous to those who use it daily. For example, a tree that may be rotting (but not noticeably so), could cause weakened branches to the point where this could pose a debris risk to those in occupying this space. 


This naturally brings up the question – is it possible to improve the safety of our gardens moving forward? And just hwo much maintenance could this require? In this post, we hope to discuss all of that and more. Without further ado, let’s discuss this topic in some detail:


Gating Access


It’s good to gate access to your property, especially if there are public walkways near it – which for most homeowners is the case. You may be lucky and have a garden that leads into open water like a river or lake, and so this may be less important to manage. However, privacy fences and especially locked access gates can make a big difference. 


Gating access may even be integrated with an intercom system depending on the property and how much of a driveway you have – alternatively, you may also give no one the need to access your property such as an exterior mailbox and package delivery box. For homes that may be in a residential environment; ensuring good site lines from your property can also retain its own enhanced security possibilities.


Managing Steps & Paths


There seems to be a law of the universe that any garden or home with an unsteady path or somewhat insecure deck will at least cause a fall at some point, at most cause a real injury. This is why structural soundness is important. Levelling the ground so the patio placement is properly applied, replacing the materials used for paths that have become less foot-worthy, and access handrails that secure anyone, regardless of age, as they move up and down is essential.


Clean & Repair Your Garden Features


You’d be surprised just how well cleaning and repair can make a profound difference. For example, grime all over a patio can become slippery, which is why pressure washing each year is a fantastic use of your time. On top of this, cleaning and repairing your gutters can prevent leaks or debris build-up (and eventual falling). Of course, it can also be worth using professional services, like having a tree surgeon check your tree line if you’re lucky enough to have one. If you have fixtures you use often, like hot tub cleaning making your hot tub hygienic to use. A worthwhile common management effort like that can make all the difference in the world.


With this advice, you’re sure to improve the safety of your gardens moving forward. At the very least, you will be vigilant where this is concerned, and that’s always important to manage.

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