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Is there anything worse than a blank wall in your home? Well yes, there probably is, but when you’re trying to make your home look more appealing, that blank wall can become quite the distraction. This might not matter to you if you’re going for the minimalist look, but if you’re after something eye-catching, you will need to deal with that empty space somehow. You will feel happier at home as a consequence as the affected room should look way more appealing. 

Here are some ideas we hope you find useful.

#1: Hide the wall with furniture

It might be a wardrobe in your bedroom or a fully stocked bookcase in your living room. Whatever it is, ensure it matches the colors and stylings of the rest of the room, as you will then have the perfect addition to your living space. You will then have something both practical and attractive to cover the overbearing glare of your blank wall.

#2: Add some artwork

If you or any member of your family has a flair for art you could cover the wall with your homemade creations. If not, you could buy something from your local store or gallery. In many ways, the second option is sometimes preferable, as the last thing you want to do is add a painting that many other people have hanging up at home. When you buy from a gallery, you will have the option to purchase something unique, with the professional touch that will impress your house guests. Take a look at the works at the David Hart Galleries for some wonderful examples, and continue your research online. 

#3: Hang some textiles

It might be that you already have textiles at home, such as a colorful quilt or an attractive blanket, so consider hanging what you might already own. If not, purchase something that suits your living space, such as a tapestry or a wall rug. Alternatively, consider making your own tapestry. If you have any creative bones in your body (not a scientific term), you could put something together yourself. It could even be the beginning of a money-making hobby. Check out this DIY tapestry tutorial for advice on the materials and supplies you will need. 

#4: Create a gallery wall

Who said you only need one painting for your wall? If you have the spending power (or have efficiency with a paintbrush), you could create your very own gallery, with art hung in stylized groups around your wall. Of course, you might choose to fill your wall with photos instead of paintings, perhaps as a means to showcase the life of your family.  A photo gallery can personalize your living space, and it can act as a reminder to you about the people and places that are important.  Posters, decorative plates, and plant life can also be included on a gallery wall, so you do have other options open to you. For inspiration, check out these gallery wall ideas.

Say goodbye to that boring blank wall and follow one of our suggestions. You will enhance the look of your home if you do, and you will feel happier when you’re relaxing in your living space. 

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