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We used to make a lot of unhealthy eating choices when my ex and I were still together. But that’s mostly in the past now. Kyle and I have always enjoyed cooking together and we prepare 95% of our meals, the exceptions being when his boys are here on the weekends.

But we still try to cook from scratch as often as possible.

I like knowing what’s going into my meals and here are some healthy cooking tips that I’d love to share with you. Making healthier food choices can go a long way when it comes to living a healthier lifestyle and healthy cooking can save you time too. Be sure to check out my health and wellness tips for moms for more healthy living advice.

30 Healthy Cooking Tips

Looking for some healthy cooking tips? I have 30 of them for you on the blog today!

Involve the whole family in healthy cooking and teach your kids as they get older to instill good habits.

Using a pressure cooker helps retain nutrients by reducing exposure of food to high temperatures.

Craving meaty meals? Lower the fat and cholesterol by adding in some diced vegetables, tofu and grains.

Preparing vegetables on a BBQ grill adds extraordinary flavor. Steaming vegetables retains nutrients and is a fat free method of cooking them.

Roasting is a delicious method of cooking meats and poultry. Roast over a metal rack so that the fat drops off.

Grilling is a direct heat method and is healthy because you don’t need to add oil. It is suitable for almost all kinds of meats and poultry, and the end result is delicious.

Broiling is also a direct heat method similar to grilling, but, it is done in an oven.

Stir frying is a much healthier cooking method than frying. Use Canola oil for heart health.

Use non stick pans for easy cooking without the need for butter or oil. Cooking sprays provide fat and calorie free pan grilling too!

Olive, Canola, Grapeseed and Coconut oils are heart healthy.

Swap regular mayonnaise for light, Canola or Olive Oil versions.

Buy healthy cooking recipe books, there are a lot available and they are the best way to get started in a healthy lifestyle.

Swap Zucchini slices for pasta in lasagna recipes. It will save you a lot of carbs and calories and it tastes great!

Lower ground beef’s cholesterol and fat content by mixing in ground turkey or tofu.

Use fat-free yogurt instead of sour cream and mayo in recipes as a healthy replacement.

Palm oil, vegetable oil and palm kernel oil are oils that are high in saturated fats. Olive, Canola and Grapeseed oils are heart healthy.

Use fat-free yogurt instead of sour cream and mayo in recipes as a healthy replacement.

The American Heart Association says that eating whole grains instead of “white” carbs may lower your risk for heart disease by 33%.

Eating at least 5 servings of vegetables and fruits each day reduces risk of stroke and heart disease by 30%.

Make homemade sauces, such as marinara, to eliminate preservatives, sodium and sugar found in canned sauces.

When it comes to cooking fish, poaching is undeniably one of the best methods. A little liquid, enough to barely cover the fish, is heated but not to a boil. It is gentle and preserves the original flavor, along with keeping fish moist. The end result is juicy and incredibly delicious. Different liquids like wine, broth or even vegetable soups can be used; each will impart its own unique flavor to the fish.

Lower fat and calorie intake in burgers, pile on the veggies and make the patty smaller.

Herbs and spices add flavor without extra calories and zero fat! Stock up on different spices and experiment to find flavors you love.

Substitute whole wheat or Almond flour in baking recipes to significantly reduce carb counts in baked goods.

Try using fresh or frozen vegetables whenever possible

Use a low fat or reduced fat salad dressing as a marinade for your meat or vegetables

Try roasting vegetables in the oven for added flavor

Steaming your vegetables? Make sure to give them an icy bath to retain color and crunch.

Go for a rainbow a day when it comes to fruits and vegetables in your diet.

Craving sugar? Your body might need protein. Snack on some peanut butter and celery or peanut butter and crackers.

Those are just a few healthy cooking tips, what tips would you share?

Prefer this in video format? Watch below!

Grab your healthy food shopping list here!

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