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While we can design and renovate our home space to the hilt, there are certain immutable characteristics of our property that we will struggle to change. The dimensions of its construction, for example. Apart from knocking through a wall or extending the property, it can be quite tough to artificially extend the space of a room aside from taking more stuff out of it. Of course, going without that coffee table or sofa might not be an option in your case, and may conflict with your design ideals.

To this end, perhaps not artificially opening up your space is the best option, but creating the illusion of a larger space is.  This might sound impossible, but you know when you feel it. Turning on a light in an otherwise dark room can make it seem more spacious, for one. It’s just how our depth perception and how the visibility of a room can contribute to this feeling, but what might seem irrelevant can also be very effective.

Let us consider further advice to this end in the following words:

The Mirrors

You would be astonishing just how a large mirror, perhaps hung on your wall, perhaps a floor-to-ceiling installation, can help any room sparkle and feel much more spacious. While this of course doesn’t ‘double’ the lighting in the room, it can help reflect it, helping the room feel a little more open and luminescent. Additionally, the perspective of reflection any mirror can bring will create the illusion of a room being much wider or longer than it actually is, depending on where you place it. Keep it clean and ensure its design is tasteful, and you have an excellent means of decorating your room.


Larger windows, such as floor-to-ceiling double glazed windows overlooking the garden, can be there to let the most natural light in possible. Additionally, the installation of french doors in appropriate rooms could help you bring the exterior in throughout the summer months, quite literally helping your garden also feel part of the same in this room. This can also be a great means of opening up your property when entertaining, when needing to ventilate, or when hoping for that perfect aesthetic to make the most difference to the welcoming aura of your home.

Lighter Colors

From the color of your couch cushions, your wall art, your carpet and even your coffee table, it’s important to understand that lighter colors, if applied tastefully, can help a room feel more open. This is again a feature of the light it reflects. But do not be afraid to implement more careful color options, as you needn’t simply stay away from darker tones for fear of feeling oppressive. It’s all about balance. For example, instead of painting your floorboards white, a white shag carpet can prove to be a nice centerpiece for the centre of a room. It’s these design trends that interior designers often adore, because creativity can be expressed through them in expert fashion.

With this advice, you’re sure to help your room feel much more spacious.

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