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The kitchen is one of the top two worst rooms to clean in the house. In fact, it probably just edges the top spot over your bathroom. Cleaning your bathroom is mainly a challenge because you have tiles and a lot of wet areas to contend with. It’s just a bit grimey at times, but there isn’t a great deal that you have to do. With a kitchen, you’ve got so many different elements to clean. Most people will do the normal kitchen cleaning tasks of sweeping and wiping the floor, wiping down surfaces, and so on. 

However, there are a few elements of kitchen cleaning that often get neglected and overlooked. So, here are some tips that will ensure you don’t forget them ever again:

Clean above your kitchen cabinets

Don’t just clean the kitchen countertops and the outside of the cabinets; clean above the cabinets as well. Most kitchens will have space between the roof and the top of the cabinet, which can be an absolute haven for dust, spiders, and cobwebs. Remember, this is the room where all of your food gets prepared. You want it to be as healthy and sanitary as possible. All the dust and grime above your kitchen cabinets could get blown down and fall onto your food as you prepare it. That’s a pretty nasty thought, but it could happen! Therefore, you need to make an effort to clean above the cabinets as well as below them. 

Clean your drain

Naturally, you have a sink in your kitchen that gets used all the time. Much like your bathroom sink, it needs to be cleaned as regularly as possible. Realistically, you should wipe it down every day after you have used it. Most of you will already do this, and it’s not the focal point of this tip. Instead, the tip is to clean the drain in your sink. 

Unlike a bathroom sink, lots of stuff gets thrown down the drain in your kitchen. This can include small particles of food, oil, sauces, and so much more. It all adds up to the point where it can clog the drain and make foul odors stem from the sink. If it gets too bad, you’ll need to bring the local plumbers in to unclog it. To prevent this from happening, clean your drain regularly. There are various cleaning products you can pour down there to keep it fresh and unblocked, so be sure to do this at least once per week. 

Clean inside your fridge

It’s always a good idea to give the inside of your fridge a wipe down now and then. Especially if you often have raw meat stored inside there. Wiping down your fridge with antibacterial wipes can stop germs from spreading. In turn, this prevents cross-contamination and can keep the rest of your food as fresh as possible. 

Also, you’ll be amazed at just how easy it is for your fridge to become filthy. Jars might leave residue behind, you might spill sauces, etc. Always give the shelves a nice clean now and then to keep your fridge as hygienic and clean as possible. 

Clean your dishwasher

That’s right, the machine that’s used for cleaning will need to be cleaned itself! This is perhaps the most neglected thing in your kitchen – in terms of cleaning. Mainly, this is because everyone assumes that a dishwasher cleans itself anyway. After all, it literally fills itself full of water and soap whenever it washes the dishes, flushing away all the dirt and grime at the same time. 

Still, you can get mineral deposits around the dishwasher, and it’s not uncommon for it to start smelling. Thankfully, cleaning your dishwasher is very simple – just use vinegar and baking soda. It’s a case of putting some in the bottom of your dishwasher and running the hottest cycle possible. You do this twice, once with the vinegar and once with the baking soda, as shown in the video above!

Clean your knife block

Most of us are guilty of not looking after our knife blocks. They end up full of crumbs that are impossible to get rid of, usually meaning you need to buy a whole new block. Make an effort to clean your knives before placing them back in the block, and always try to vacuum up any crumbs that find themselves around the knife block as well. 

If you take care of these neglected areas of your kitchen – alongside the areas you already clean – this room will be far neater, cleaner, and more sanitary. 


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