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We’re on a bit of a Shaun the Sheep kick though I still haven’t decided if I’ll take Squeaker to see the movie when it comes out. I just don’t know if she’ll sit through it all. But that hasn’t stopped us from making two more Shaun the Sheep crafts. If you haven’t seen it yet, don’t forget to check out our Shaun the Sheep craft that we posted last week. This week we’re sharing two easy Shaun the Sheep inspired crafts. Squeaker did help me with some of the assembly, but how much your child is involved will definitely depend on age.

These two easy Shaun the Sheep inspired crafts are perfect for the Shaun the Sheep fan in your home!

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Shaun the Sheep Popsicle Stick Puppet

This is the first stick puppet we’ve attempted to make. I wanted to get Squeaker used to the idea so we could do this for pretend play in the future.

Supplies needed:


This craft is really easy to put together. After printing out the Shaun the Sheep print out (coloring page), I cut around him but left the white space between his legs in tact.

After turning that over, I lined up the craft sticks to where I felt they should be (roughly behind each set of legs) and put a few dabs of glue on each stick before attaching it to the cut out.

shaun the sheep puppet

 Of course, with Squeaker toddler-handling the puppet, the sticks didn’t last for too long. But she still seemed to enjoy playing with him for a little bit. Next time we’ll get more of the characters and make our own little Shaun the Sheep episode.

Shaun the Sheep Headband

This one was inspired by the headband cutouts that they have on the Shaun the Sheep website. I really liked those but I wanted to give mine a little more depth. Not that the ones on the website aren’t cute- they really are.

Supplies Needed:

  • Black construction paper (for the headband and the ears)
  • Stapler
  • Scissors
  • Glue
  • Cotton balls
  • White cardstock


To start, I cut out two strips of black construction paper and then loosely fitted them around Squeaker’s head (keeping in mind that she also had her pigtails in). And with the remaining construction paper, I cut out two ear shapes. Once I had all the pieces I needed, I stapled the two strips together and then stapled the ears to the headband.

shaun the sheep headband 3

After that, we started working on the top piece for Shawn’s top part of wool (crown/forehead?) after tracing a cloud shape onto a piece of white cardstock. Squeaker helped me out more with this part. But that was after I filled in the cloud a bit with glue so she could start putting down the cotton balls.

shaun the sheep headband craft 2

Once they were all attached, I cut out the cloud shape and then stapled that to the headband.

shaun the sheep headband craft

And here you can see Squeaker with her headband and stick puppet:

shaun the sheep headband and puppet

Do you like Shaun the Sheep?

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Ali Gilbert
8 years ago

Cute! We did something similar in my preschool Sunday school class! Thanks for sharing on #ToddlerfunFriday!