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Saving water is so important in today’s world, so is saving our planet. We overuse all our resources, including water, electricity, gas and this can lead to issues nationally and to the entire planet in the long run. We see so many news items relating to saving the planet but we can all play our parts. We also sometimes forget to do the little things that make such a difference to our planet and helps us with our carbon footprint. If we all take little measures now to help our planet then we will be able to protect the future of our planet for our children and grandchildren. Becoming eco-friendly will be the best decision you could make for yourself and your family. 

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3 easy ways to start saving the planet that anyone can do

  1. Grow your own vegetables – this is easier than you think. You can grow many veggies and fruits in the comfort of your own house, on your windowsill, in your greenhouse or even in your garden with the right patch of land. You can grow things that you would buy in the supermarket but have them organically grown and fresh so you know they haven’t been sprayed with pesticides or any other nasty chemicals. In the long run you will save a lot of money growing your own and it’s good for the planet and your bank balance! 
  2. Save water – saving water is a big one. You can do this by opting for showers instead of baths but remember that showering is only good if you keep it to a specific amount of time. Long showers are going to still waste money, although not as much as baths but you definitely need to ensure that you’re having less time in the shower to create the benefits of it. Lack of water is such a problem in many cities across the world. Some places have slimline water tanks to store water but at home, by saving the water you can help so many people. 
  3. Recycle! Some people do not even take the time to recycle even in today’s world when we are provided with recycling bins. It’s so important because whatever we recycle can be reused and not have to go into landfill. People put things into landfill that can be used again and this is what causes long term problems, extreme weather, problems with icecaps melting, issues with our resources. Using up our planet’s resources will lead to the extinction of many forms of life. Recycling can also help protect our seas as some people fly tip in the sea and ocean which is one of the most dangerous things you can do. If our planets die, we die, we rely so heavily on good clean oceans that it should be our priority to take care of it. 

So as we approach 2020, it;s time for you to start thinking about the small ways that you can start looking after your home, creating a more eco-friendly system that will benefit both your home, wallet and the planet. 

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