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Designing your home can be one of the highlights of moving into a new property. Or even starting to feel differently about a home you have owned for some time. We can all get a little bored of how our surroundings look, perhaps having a strong urge to change a color in one room, or completely change round furniture or even change the use of another room. Whether it is the heights of summer or you are in the full flow of winter, you can never really predict when the interior change urge is going to strike.

With that in mind, here are some common interior styles that you may want to consider implementing into your home. 

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4 different home interior styles you might want to try

Modern and edgy

Do you like clean lines and white walls? Perhaps you love the look of modern furniture and a clutter-free space? Then perhaps a modern and edgy interior style is what you are looking for. If you like this style finding some Home Depot coupons online could help you bring the vision to life. Some people like to keep things neutral with only a hint of color when it comes to accessories or styling. Other people like to incorporate metallic tones into the room. Modern and edgy interiors can work with all styles of home, and definitely will appeal to the masses. This style would work well if you were planning on selling and moving on anytime soon. 

Shabby chic

Shabby chic is an interior style that hit many homes a few years ago and the look is certainly not disappearing in the near future. It is a decoration that is filled with items that appear old, but aren’t so. A shabby chic home is filled with cottage style furniture and items that look pleasing on the eye, but could have a traditional look about them. Other things to consider would be a neutral color palette once more. Lot’s of creams with a touch of floral pattern and pastel shades to add sparks of interest. 

Vintage and retro

Maybe you like things that have sentimental value, or a style that could be nostalgic of years gone by. Then you may want to consider a vintage and retro interior decoration to your home. You may want to focus specifically on a decade, or mix things up with bits and pieces from different eras. Websites like Pinterest are full of ideas to inspire you. You may also want to check out local sales and even eBay to find bargains of older furniture and vintage pieces. This style could work well for many different rooms in your home. 

Rustic and cozy

Finally, although it may be summer you might still prefer a cozy and rustic interior decoration to your home. Something that would ignite memories of holidays in a log cabin and roaring fires on cold winter nights. A great tip for this sort of interior decoration would be to place a focus on wood. That might mean unpainted but treated wooden furniture, or even a display of wooden things such as logs strategically placed by the fire. You may also want to consider lots of soft furnishings when it comes to styling the room. 

Let’s hope these interior ideas have inspired you for when you next decide to decorate. 

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