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Completing a renovation to your house is exciting, but can also be a little scary and daunting, even more so when you chuck small humans into the mix. You’ve already created your to-do list and have a plan in place so now the next task before work starts is to find a way to keep the kids on board. 

The great news is that it is possible. By following these steps you’ll be able to limit the disruption to their lives and make this experience a positive one for all members of the household. 

Include Them In The Smaller Decisions

After spending all that time reading about Home Remodeling Tips it can be easy to lead the way. However, consider if as part of this renovation you are changing any of their spaces how this may be received. Of course, you will still want to keep some of the overriding decisions but you could provide options (within your choosing) to them so they feel as though their opinions matter and their wishes are being heard. So when deciding on the color shade, provide your top three options and let them have the final say. This could also apply when choosing soft furnishings such as rugs or cushions. 

Make Renovating Fun

When you are making such big changes to the property let the kids join in and have fun with it and help. Yes, it may show the process down slightly, but so will dealing with angry children. With this offer age-appropriate tasks they can help with. For example, younger children could be allowed the rare opportunity to draw on the wall and leave a lasting masterpiece before the new wallpaper gets hung. Older children could take a whack at helping with demolition. Alternatively, you could always provide them with their own child-friendly building kit and high-vis jacket, and hard hat and let them use their imagination to play builder and reenact what they are seeing around them. 

Don’t Pack Away All Of Their Toys

When taking on any project you will of course have to move and box items into storage until the new space is ready. Of course, this will apply to the children’s toys as much as your own personal items. But, it is important to consider which toys are remaining accessible and which are being stored. The last thing you want is their favorite toy buried at the bottom of a box, hidden at the back of the storage unit. 

Plan Days Out For The Kids

Although renovating may be your idea of fun, it isn’t necessarily there’s. So plan some fun-filled child-based activities or days out to help break it up for them. It will allow them quality time with the family whilst the work is underway and it rewards them for their good behavior whilst all this change is happening. To make it extra fun you could also delegate to them to choose the activities or days out, so they have a plan in place of where and when they have this to look forward to. 

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