Update Your Bathroom In 5 Simple Steps 4

Update Your Bathroom In 5 Simple Steps

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Update Your Bathroom In 5 Simple Steps 5

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Bathrooms aren’t just where you go to do your business but also are a sanctuary to get away from the world after a hard day. Being able to run a bubble bath with bath salts, a bath bomb, and candles lit to give a cozy vibe can be the make or break of your day. It is the place to unwind and recharge. Upgrading the bathroom can be perfect by adding value, making it a nicer place to spend relaxing and keeping clean and tidy. 

A New Shower Head

Showerheads are one of those parts in the bathroom that get dirty and covered in limescale in no time and can get horrible discoloration. They are also one of the elements of the bathroom people never think about updating. You can get brand new shower heads like a waterfall one without having to renovate the whole room. It can bring class, newness, and luxury all in one simple change.

Freshen Up The Grout

Grout can go bad quite quickly, discoloring and drying out. As well with the specks of black mold that start appearing can make a bathroom look, well, awful. You can luckily now get easy to apply kits so you can do it all yourself with ease. All you need to do is clean and bleach the tiles as normal and then apply the new layer of grout. It will have all the instructions on the back so make sure to read it thoroughly. It will freshen up the room and make it look brand new.

Change Up The Faucets

These are probably some of the most used parts of the bathroom, brushing teeth, washing hands, and shaving along with everything else. So it is easy to be filled with bacteria hiding and can have wear and tear quicker than any other part of the bathroom. Updating them doesn’t have to be a chore, have a shop around like at Faucets Canada for high-end modern fixtures. 

Get A New Toilet Seat

You don’t need a whole new toilet in order to update the bathroom, sometimes just simply changing the seat will make it look brand new! By opting for a different color, design, or wood you can make the bathroom look fresh and new. 

Update The Little Things

Things that can make your bathroom look old and dingy are the little things that can make a difference. Swap out those old, stained, and holey towels for a fresh set of new ones. You can even cut up the old ones and use them as cleaning rags to repurpose them. Then things like a bath mat and toilet mat you can get to match the towels so the same color can flow through the bathroom bringing it together nicely.

These are the 5 simple ways to make your bathroom look brand new without having a whole expensive room renovation. Saving some money and your precious time and you can have a new looking bathroom in a week easily!

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