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Last month, I think, I remember reading a few posts on Scary Mommy and perhaps BuzzFeed about TV shows that younger kids watch. As a parent of a child with autism, I haven’t escaped those sets of shows since Sweet B was a toddler. Though they’ve changed, like no more Teletubbies (thank goodness), some are still the same. Some aren’t. Recently, Squeaker has taken more of an interest in what’s on TV. We do try to limit her screen time, but there are times that it’s on in the background and she watches in spurts.

TV for My Toddler

TV Shows That My Toddler Enjoys That Don’t (Always) Drive Me Crazy

TV and the Toddler

We’ve always tried to limit the amount of screen time that Squeaker has. But, as she’s gotten older she’s showing an increased interest in those forbidden objects: the tablet (usually when her older sister has it), mommy’s phone (usually when I need it), and the occasional TV show. She’s watched or at least gotten used to having Wheel of Fortune and Jeopardy on daily, and I’m okay with those. Granted, they aren’t kid shows but they are quasi educational… right? Letter recognition and trivia.

Now, she’s actually showing an interest in TV shows that are more geared towards children. Some I’m familiar with (because I grew up watching Sesame Street) and some have been on since Sweet B was a toddler… or since her V was a toddler. Shows like Bob the Builder and the Wiggles. Unfortunately that also includes Caillou. But, so far, Squeaker hasn’t shown an interest.

She has, however, taken an interest in a few shows. And I’m mostly okay with her watching those because they provide some sort of educational value and because I can watch them with her without wanting to gouge my eyes out or plug my ears.

Her current favorites? Super Why, Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood, and Curious George.

She’ll also occasionally tune into Sesame Street, but she won’t watch the entire hour straight through. I’m relieved by that and quite honestly, I wouldn’t want her parked in front of the TV for an hour. Even when I do watch with her, I still make sure to do things. We interact with the show, I talk to her about stuff that’s relevant in our home, etc.

So, even though she’s reaching the stage where TV shows are starting to become more appealing, I’m still trying to limit her screen time. Or, at the very least, make it more active screen time than passive screen time. Because TV still shouldn’t be a baby sitter. Not at this age and not at any age.

Hopefully, as she grows older, I’ll still be able to watch TV with her and appreciate what she’s watching. Or maybe we’ll just have to start stocking up on DVDs now. I’d love to introduce Clifford, The Berenstain Bears, and Veggie Tales when she’s old enough. They were staples for her older siblings, hopefully she’ll like them too.

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