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During lockdown, the kids are in the mood to have as much fun as possible. The problem? Well, you can’t go out to many places given that they’re all shut due to the pandemic. Kids get restless when they’re stuck inside, so you need to do all you can to entertain your little ones.

We’ve got some fab suggestions for curbing the chaos and making the most of lockdown, so let’s take a look!

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  • Cook Together. You can get creative with the kids this lockdown and cook up a storm. Get their input for meal batch-cooking ideas, and get the freezer stocked up. You could even go for baking their favorite biscuits and cookies, and find a recipe for a great chocolate decadence cake, too. Cooking is a skill that must be taught by the right people for children to learn how to do it properly, and there’s nothing that they will love more than having you teach them how to cook well.
  • Movie Day. With the Kodi VPN guide from Troypoint, you can make movie night a brilliant experience with the kids. You can get the classics and new releases and you can throw in some delicious homemade popcorn to make it fun! Kids can have their movie pick and you can all take turns on what’s on!
  • Indoor Camping. You don’t have to go outside to have a camping experience. Erect your tent in the lounge or make a den with sheets. You’ll love the makeshift teepee and you and the kids can make indoor s’mores and add a picnic to the mix!
  • Games Night. Gather the kids and their board games and have a fun night in with a lot of prizes involved. Kids love a contest, and you can have fun forfeits for the losers, too!
  • Fashion Show! Children love to play dress up and there’s nothing better than letting them loose in your wardrobe for a fashion show of epic proportions
  • Get Crafty. Get out the arts and crafts and get crafty with the kids. Make monsters from empty toilet tubes and make playdough from flour and water with food coloring for different shades, too. You can buy the ready made craft kits and you can even do some splatter painting in the garden. Get the kids to paint the fences in different colors too, to brighten it up!
  • Jigsaw, Anyone? You can get the puzzles out and have an entire day of making puzzles together with the kids. Puzzles help with their brain development and cognitive thinking, and you can really help them to get creative when you get the puzzles out, too.

Children can be easily entertained indoors when you have the right idea to make them happy. With the ideas above, indoor entertainment is easy to achieve with happy kids as the result. Lockdown boredom is getting to everyone right now, so make these happen and you will be able to entertain your little ones easily!

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