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Melk the Christmas Monkey- A New Tradition in Our Home

* Disclosure: I received a complimentary item to facilitate this review. This did not sway my opinion and I have given a 100% honest review.

Did you know that there are two months until Christmas? Yes, that’s right- two months. Though I’ve been talking about Christmas for a month now on my blog and finally released my first ever Holiday Gift Guide.. I wanted to talk about something that we’ve been doing behind the scenes at home. I’m talking about Melk the Christmas Monkey, a very special Christmas friend who’s made residence with us earlier this month.

Melk’s purpose is to help teach God’s character through Bible lessons and activities that the entire family can enjoy. And he’s done that and more in our home. With Sweet B being non-verbal, I’ve adapted some things and she doesn’t really understand how Melk gets into some of the situations that he does. But, she does listen to the letters that he leaves, and she listens to the stories and verses that go along with each of his lessons. So, for her it doesn’t really matter with the how- but more so the why. And for me, that’s far more important.

For us, Melk has been a blessing. He’s given me another way to reach Sweet B and another way to teach Sweet B. Squeaker, while mostly just wanting to play with Melk, has also listened to the stories and verses. If I’d had more time and where with all, I would have made a printable pack to go along with our review. But maybe I’ll have one ready when we do a little follow-up, closer to Christmas time.

I also love how much of the work is really done for you. Sure, you have to do a little set-up, but overall it’s not very time consuming. Added to that, Katie explains everything so nicely that even in my times of sleep deprivation, I could still read and understand what I had to do to get something set up. I won’t be sharing everything that we’ve been doing with Melk because I don’t want to give everything away.

But for now, here’s taste of Melk.


Melk the Christmas Monkey

One day Melk just ‘appeared’ on top of my desk, right in front of my desktop sign.

Melk is a nocturnal monkey so he’s active at night and sleeps during the day. Our Melk, likes to sleep sitting up, for now. And during the nighttime he’s busy as a bee preparing lessons and leaving letters.

Melk the Christmas Monkey

Some of the highlights for Melk’s lessons: Getting stuck in a candy jar, examining the fish tank, and reading the Legend of the Candy Cane to his new friends

* In the eBook or printed book, depending on what you choose, you’ll receive 30 lessons designed to teach God’s character. Each of the lessons also includes an activity, Bible verse, and on the website, you can also download additional resources after you’ve purchased the book (letters from Melk to print out, journal pages, and other fun printables.). This is what I meant by Katie doing so much of the work for you! She really does make it easy to help you with Melk and his lessons.


About the Authors:

Katie and her husband Tap have been missionaries in Mexico since 2007. They homeschool their five children and in addition to their local ministry have an online bookstore and have developed a homeschool curriculum in the Spanish language.
Katie is an international speaker, educator, author and blogger who loves Christmas inside and out. She often starts counting down the days until Christmas as soon as the Fourth of July is over, and breaks out the Christmas music mid-October!

Melk came about as the Hornors sought a way to establish meaningful family traditions while creating fun and fond memories with their children during the Christmas season.

The Hornors believe that God the Father sent Jesus Christ to earth, to live as a perfect human man, and to take our place in death as the perfect sacrifice for the atonement/payment of our sins. He was born in a manger in Bethlehem many years ago. His birth was heralded by angels and hated by Kings. The first Christmas happened when wise men came to him offering gifts to him. Our modern Christmas is a remembrance of that occurrence, of that recognition of Christ as King, but that meaning seems to have been lost or faded through the years. Melk seemed to be the perfect way to teach their young children who the God of Christmas really is, while still being Christmas-y and enjoying seasonal fun together.

Two of Katie’s many favorite sayings are: “Life’s too short to be ordinary.” and “Some people seek happiness; others create it.”

Katie is the author of the Amazon best-selling devotional Putting On the Spirit: Ten-Minute Devotions for Busy Moms, as well as several other ebooks, planners and the Lemonhass homeschool curriculum for Spanish Speaking families.

Katie blogs about marriage, motherhood, homeschooling and ministry at, is the voice behind and is the CEO of

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So, now that you’ve read a little bit about Melk, are you ready to let Melk into your home? We really hope that you will! Melk has been a welcomed addition to our home and to our Christmas traditions. And we look forward to enjoying Melk and his lessons for years to come.

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