The Handpicked Doc McStuffins Gift Idea Guide

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Christmas is two months away though we’ve been in Christmas mode for quite some time here. I am the person who will listen to Christmas music all year. And I wouldn’t mind having a room dedicated to just Christmas.

But I digress.

Squeaker is not yet old enough to write a Christmas list but she certainly has no problems pointing to stuff. We’re trying that method for her when it comes to picking out her list of gifts for both Christmas and her birthday.

One of her recent interests is Doc McStuffins so we’ll start with that and have similar toddler handpicked gift ideas over the course of this week.

doc-mcstuffins-gift-ideas-as-hand-picked-by-a-toddlerThis post contains affiliate links and while you are under no obligation to use them, by purchasing something through my affiliate link you are supporting this site, thanks!

While I’m sure that Squeaker would be happy to receive almost anything Doc McStuffins related, she was really drawn to these toys.

Top Doc McStuffins Toys Picked by My Toddler



And because I do try to push books over toys, we also looked for a few Doc McStuffins books and DVDs.

Doc McStuffins Book and DVDs

Really that’s just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to Doc McStuffins gift ideas! Any of these are sure to put a smile on your child’s face when they unwrap them on Christmas or their birthday.

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Coming up soon, we’ll have similar gift idea guides for: Little Einsteins, Octonauts, Sheriff Callie, Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, and a special Disney Christmas book guide. I am a fan of all things Disney so I’m super excited to share this love of Disney with my toddler.

We’ll have non Disney gift idea guides coming up soon- mostly based on Squeaker’s interests so I do hope you’ll be back to join us!

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